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What This is plugin for

Qualzz is a FREE marketing tool trusted and used by online stores, websites and businesses across the web. Using Qualzz you can build an email list, increase online revenue, convert website visitors to customers, reduce cart abandonment and increase page views.
Installing Qualzz is super easy and requires no coding skills. Start using now to derive more value and increase revenue from your online store.

What is Qualzz?
Qualzz free tool allows you to design and target pop-ups, banners, sidebars and opt-in forms to increase website conversion rate, capture leads, drive immediate sales and increase online revenue.
– Design, Publish and Track multiple campaigns seamlessly
– Choose from a list of professional designed campaign templates
– Simple and easy to use template editor enables you to design your own pop-ups
– Advanced campaign targeting based on exit intent, scroll, time, device type, location, campaign scheduling and number of visits.
– Live and customizable user specific dashboard shows graphs and reports which helps to take better marketing decisions.
– Monitor performance and download in-depth data driven campaign statistics.
– Create and schedule automated multi-variant campaigns to choose highly converting design.
– Configure daily, weekly and monthly email reports to keep track of the campaigns.
– Invite users with different levels of access to manage the campaigns.

Different Campaign types:
• Light box
• Full screen
• Floating bar
• Sidebar
• Notification bar

Simple and Robust Campaign Designer:
• Professionally designed ready to use fully customizable templates
• Create your own design in minutes without coding
• Drag and drop editor
• Easy to use single screen editor with multiple add element option
• Design multi-page linked popups
• Seamlessly change template options
• Custom positioning
• Multi-Variant testing

High converting campaign triggers:
• On Landing
• Exit intent technology
• Percentage scroll triggering
• Campaign Scheduling
• Timed delay control
• Campaign based targeting

Advance Targeting Features:
• Geo targeting
• Page level targeting
• New or returning visitor
• Cart abandonment targeting
• Controlled display targeting
• Select device specific campaigns

Dashboard and Analytics:
• Fully customizable user specific reports
• Live country wise visitor updates
• Customizable email alerts
• Campaign Calendar
• Graphical and tabular representation
• Download campaign statistics

Frequently Asked Questions #

Does Qualzz offer a free plan?
Yes, you can signup for a free Qualzz account for your Shopify store in minutes.

Do I need to know how to code to install Qualzz?
No coding knowledge is needed.

Does Qualzz offer technical support?
Yes, as a free Qualzz user you get technical support via the website.

Installation #

  1. Install the plugin .
  2. After installed ,find the app name in setting and open it.
  3. Add your website id registered with qualzz.com.
  4. Save the settings.You are ready to go !!!


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