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Qibla Directory


Welcome, this is Qibla directory plugin
Qibla directory is a listing directory plugin for WordPress completely free. Use Qibla directory if you want to start your
Tripadvisor or Airbnb-like directory! Perfect for local businesses owners and promoters or any kind of web directory.



  • Fully responsive design
  • Archive page with or without map
  • Search listings by keywords, category, location, amenities with user friendly auto-suggestion features
  • Amenities can change according to the category chosen
  • Drag & drop for map pin
  • Choose a color for each category
  • Fully interactive map
  • [PREMIUM] Add new listings from registered users
  • Post reviews of listings with 1-5 star
  • [PREMIUM] Bookmark listings
  • Show directions on map
  • [PREMIUM] Dashboard for users to manage their listings, payment orders, and bookmarks
  • Featured listings
  • Contact listing owners via contact us form
  • Location based search
  • Share listings
  • 3 different search shortcodes


This plugin require at least PHP >= 5.3.x.


  • Shortcode page
  • Single listing page
  • Archive listing page


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload qibla-directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. You can add a listing by clicking on the new “listing” menu.

– Your listing archive page will be under this link: YourSite.com/listings
– You are free to add wherever you want any shortcode you see into our demo


I was already using the Qibla Directory theme and i was very happy with it ! Now i use also this plugin with other themes and it works really great !!! Can't wait for the premium one !
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Журнал змін


Release Date – 17 December 2018

Fix: WordPress 5.0.1 Form element no longer passes KSES


Release Date – 04 October 2018

Fix: toggle loader locked in archive listings


Release Date – 12 July 2018

Fix: remove Filter Toolbar if no amenities.
Fix: Update google map api version.
Add: Listings link in qibla directory menu.
Add: Change menu position for qibla directory.


Release Date – 11 July 2018

Fix: set the with_front (false) in rewrite.


Release Date – 05 July 2018

Fix: Localized var which were not defined correctly, now window. is used.
Fix: Add style in form review the field cookies consent.
Fix: When setting the featured image, it is now also visible in single listings, and it has been removed the gallery background image field.


Release Date – 25 February 2018

Add: new filter “qibla_mb_images_gallery_ids” in QiblaDirectory\Front\CustomFields\Gallery to add extra image ids to the gallery.
Add: new filter “qibla_mb_images_gallery_post_data” to change the image content in the gallery.
Fix: fonts star for review ratings.


Release Date – 20 February 2018

  • Add: Naked html option, if active, there is no customization of the elements.
  • Add: Show Map on Archive option, to have the archive of the listings without a map.
  • Add: Demo data importer.


  • Initial release