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ProBotDev Customer Support FAQ Chatbot


How do you handle customer support?

Sometimes customers text you at wee hours, because, you know, suddenly they thought of buying something, and they want to know if you’re selling that particular item.

The item is mentioned on your website, but they’re too busy to read it. I mean, why bother reading if you can ask?

Except that they ask at 1 AM, and your intern only works 9 to 5.

“Fine,” you said, “My intern or myself will attend to it in the morning.”

Except that, they also asked the same question to other businesses, because they can’t wait. And since others are better staffed, they get the sale. Oops.

Last year, businesses must be present in social media. Today, you must be present in messaging.

But you have a personal life; you don’t want to be answering inquiries all the time. Hiring support staff costs money.

You heard about this chatbot technology, some automation that can help with support. But it’s not easy, and it costs a bomb to outsource.

Or, is it?

This is a plugin to show Facebook Messenger chat widget (officially called “Customer Chat Plugin”) on your WordPress-powered websites. It is powered by ProBotDev and Dialogflow, for automated customer support and interactive FAQ.


  • Chatbot widget on a freshly-installed WordPress site.
  • Settings in the admin panel.
  • ProBotDev settings.


In order to use this plugin, you will need to have a published Facebook Page. You can check your Facebook Pages here, or create one for free here.

In addition to having a Facebook account and a Page, you will also need to register at:

  1. ProBotDev (FREE, log in with either your Facebook or Google account)
  2. Dialogflow (FREE, log in with your Google account)

Those two are optional, but without them, it’s just another chat widget.

For an end-to-end installation, please watch this video (you will see this video again in the settings page of this plugin, so you don’t have to watch it now):

Часті питання

Is there a video tutorial?

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can access the video from the plugin’s settings page.


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Initial release. At the moment only accepts Page Id settings.