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Plain Text Custom Post Type


Create plain text files through WordPress using a custom post type.

This came about because I needed a way to edit a JavaScript file on a blog that’s
part of a multi site network setup, and I didn’t want to do a child theme for
just that one blog and keep up with updating the JS through FTP. This way I can
edit it directly inside of WordPress as I need to without firing up Notepad++ or

If you select either CSS or JavaScript as the file type you’ll have the option
for the plugin to automatically link to the file within your page header, assuming
your theme supports the wp_head callback. The links are created using either
wp_register_script / wp_enqueue_script or wp_enqueue_style / wp_enqueue_style.

And a thank you goes out to Ted Devito for his
Tabby jQuery plugin that allows
the capture of tabs inside the edit text area.


  • Post list view of all the plain text files available
  • Publish meta box allowing you to select content type and whether to load the post automatically
  • Plain Text Files option added under the Pages tab


Pretty much like any other plugin…


  1. Upload the plain-text-custom-post-type folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Download and activate through WordPress


Once activated, a new page will be available under the Pages tab. Click on Plain
Text Files and you’ll be able to create new plain text posts.

Часті питання

Why isn’t my file automatically linking?

Make sure that you have selected either CSS or JavaScript as the file type for your
file. Files set as Plain Text cannot be linked in the head of your pages.

How did you capture the tabs?

Okay, not really a FAQ. But I did want to make sure that Ted Divito got credit
for the Tabby jQuery plugin that I used.
I’ve tried to capture tabs inside of text areas before and it was much more complicated
that I expected and my solutions never worked as well as they should.

Help, I need more help!

My site is probably your best bet. I’m
around the WordPress forums occasionally, but my site would be faster.


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