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Pinterest RSS Widget


This plugin allows you to place a widget on your sidebar that fetches the most recent contents of a Pinterest user’s RSS feed and displays the corresponding thumbnail images. You can choose whether to show the description below the image, and you can set the height and width of the thumbnails to fit your theme. You also have the option of showing 4 different sizes of the official “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the list of your pins.

You can also use this plugin from your theme templates, to display images lists anywhere else on your blog and you can easily give them a fixed size or a maximum size with CSS styling.

Starting with plugin version 1.3, you can also add a list of thumbnails of your Pins to a post or a page in the editor using the shortcode [prw username=”Your Pinterest Username”]. (See FAQs for instructions).

Version 1.4 adds the capability of showing pins from a specific board in the widget or shortcode, rather than just all of the latest pins from a specific user. (See FAQs for instructions).

Note: This plugin is heavily based on the Image Feed Widget plugin created by Yorik van Havre (https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/image-feed-widget/). As of version 2.0 it also utilizes the jQuery NailThumb script for image resizing (http://www.garralab.com/nailthumb.php) and no longer utilizes the timthumb.php script.


  • The widget settings
  • Widget on the front end with 9 Pins and titles displaying
  • Choose one of four buttons (or none) to display beneath the list of Pins


  1. Upload the folder pinterest-rss-widget and its contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or use the wordpress plugin installer
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. A new “Pinterest RSS Widget” will be available under Appearance > Widgets, where you can add it to your sidebar and edit all settings of the plugin.

Часті питання

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the folder pinterest-rss-widget and its contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or use the wordpress plugin installer
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. A new “Pinterest RSS Widget” will be available under Appearance > Widgets, where you can add it to your sidebar and edit all settings of the plugin.
How do I use the shortcode in the post or page editor?

While editing the post or page that you want to add your Pins to, enter the shortcode [prw username=”Your Pinterest Username”]. At the very minimum you have to include the username parameter, substituting “Your Pinterest Username” with your actual Pinterest username. The rest of the parameters are the same as listed below in the template tags explanation, and the defaults are also the same. Here’s an example:

[prw username="bkmacdaddy" boardname="design-inspiration" maxfeeds="10" divname="myList" printtext="0" target="newwindow" useenclosures="yes" thumbwidth="100" thumbheight="100" showfollow="medium"]

The above example will show the 10 latest Pins from bkmacdaddy’s Design Inspiration board, in a div class titled “pins-feed-myList”. Each thumbnail will be 100 x 100 pixels with no description below them. When clicked on, the Pin will open in a new tab/window, and the Follow Me On Pinterest button at the bottom will be the medium sized one.

If you leave out any of the parameters they will revert to the defaults listed below.

How do I use the plugin in my theme?

Anywhere in your theme templates, you can display the list of latest Pins thumbnails by placing the following code where you want them to appear:

<?php get_pins_feed_list($username, $boardname, $maxfeeds, $divname, $printtext, $target, $useenclosures, $thumbwidth, $thumbheight, $showfollow); ?>


  • username is the Pinterest username you wish to display Pins from (mandatory)
  • boardname is the slug (URL) of a specific board. This must be the actual part of the URL that designates the board (i.e. http://pinterest.com/bkmacdaddy/design-inspiration/ – the portion in bold) (optional)
  • maxfeeds is the maximum number of Pins to display (optional, default = 25)
  • divname is a name suffix for the list class. “myList” will become “pins-feed-myList” (optional)
  • printtext must be 1 if you want the first few words of the Pin description to be printed below the thumbnail (optional)
  • target is “samewindow” or “newwindow”, depending on where you want links to open (optional, default = samewindow)
  • useenclosures is “yes” or “no” (optional, default = yes). Use this if you don’t want to use the tag in the feed and force the script to find an image link in the feed item description.
  • thumbwidth is a number that will set the width in pixels of the Pin’s thumbnail (optional, default = 150)
  • thumbheight is a number that will set the height in pixels of the Pin’s thumbnail (optional, default = 150)
  • showfollow is “large”, “medium”, “small”, “tiny” or “none” (optional, default = none). Use this if you want to show the “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the thumbnails. Select the size that best fits the space allowed (“large” is 156×26, “medium” is 78×26, “small” is the square 61×61 logo, and “tiny” is the 16×16 logo.)


<?php get_pins_feed_list('bkmacdaddy', 'design-inspiration', 10, 'myList', 1, 'newwindow', 'yes', 125, 125, 'large'); ?>


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Перегляньте код, перегляньте сховище SVN або підпишіться на журнал розробки за допомогою RSS.

Журнал змін


  • Fixed deprecated called constructor method for WP_Widget


  • Fixed problem with new board name RSS feed URL


  • Added fix for Google Chrome height resizing conflict


  • Fixed issue with new Pinterest https URL


  • Added fix for “Call to undefined method WP_Error::set_timeout()”


  • Removed extraneous line left in accidentally in 2.2.2


  • Removed problematic deregistering of WordPress jQuery
  • Plugin now uses built-in WordPress jQuery


  • Fixed problem with wrong version in repository


  • Fixed code to work with latest version of WordPress (3.5)


  • Added timeout for RSS feed retrieval to avoid Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity()


  • Removed timthumb.php and replaced jQuery NailThumb for image resizing


  • Updated to latest version of timthumb.php


  • Added the capability to show pins from a specific board


  • Recoded to remove ob_ functions that were not working on certain server configurations


  • Repaired error in shortcode


  • Added shortcode for use in posts and pages


  • Added ability to choose 4 different sizes of “Follow Me On Pinterest” buttons


  • Changed location of cache folder for timthumb.php script to /wp-content/uploads/prw_tmp/
  • Changed URL of plugin site to http://www.bkmacdaddy.com/pinterest-rss-widget-wordpress-plugin-to-display-your-latest-pins
  • Added donation link


  • Added FAQS based on some troubleshooting
  • Added 2 contributors for their testing assistance and suggestions
  • Tweaked instructions on the widget settings


  • Fixed directory path errors on WP Multisite


  • Corrected “Follow Me On Pinterest” button image errors


  • Added “Follow Me On Pinterest” button


  • Improved CSS styles for better universal use


  • First version