Phoenix Media Rename


Greatly improve your SEO: rename your media files with the “Phoenix Media Rename” plugin.


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  1. Upload phoenix-media-rename folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. It is done! You can go to any media file single page and will notice the new field “Filename”. Bulk edit is also available at the “Media” listing page!

Часті питання

How to serialize file names?

You can serialize file names enclosing the variable parts between { and }, this will cause Phoenix Media Rename to generate a sequence of filenames.

The variable part has to be an integer number, but can start with 0 (i.e. 0023).

Please note: check all the files you want to serialize and write the name for the first one, see screenshot-3.jpg for reference.

How to avoid removing accents in file name?

Go to the Phoenix Media Rename settings page and unckeck “Remove accents” option, this will prevent accents sanitization.
Please note: avoid accents sanitization can cause broken URL on some hosting.

How to avoid processing revisions?

Go to the Phoenix Media Rename settings page and unckeck “Update Revisions” option, this will prevent revions update.
Please note: avoid revision processing will speed up the rename process, but will cause broken media file link in you revert a post to an older version.

How to rename a single media?

Go to the Media section of the admin panel and open a media of your choice. You will see a new field named “Filename” and your current filename in it. Change it to whatever you want the new name to be and hit the “Update” button.

How to bulk rename medias?

Go to the Media section of the admin panel, select the “Rename” or “Rename & Retitle” bulk action (depending on if you want the media get retitled too) from the dropdown, check the medias you would like to rename and change their filenames using the “Filename” fields at the last column. When you are done, hit the “Apply” button and let the plugin do its magic!

Can I use the plugin to rename medias via code?

Sure, you can use the “do_rename” static function, located at the Phoenix_Media_Rename class. Prototype: Phoenix_Media_Rename::do_rename($attachment_id, $new_filename, $retitle = 0). On success the function returns 1, and on error – the error message.

Can I integrate 3rd party plugins?

Sure, you can use the “pmr_renaming_successful” that fires when the rename process is complete and returns old and new filenames.

Feel free to ask for more custom actions!


* Your function
* @param [string] $old_filename
* @param [string] $old_filename
function my_callback( $old_filename, $old_filename ) {
    // your code

add_action( 'pmr_renaming_successful', 'my_callback', 10, 2 );

Do you need more features?

If you would like more features, such as automatic renaming, or a dashboard for renaming files, have a look at the freemium plugin Media File Renamer. Yes, we are friends!


The plugin works as described and is very useful! In addition, the developer is very responsive. 5+++ stars!
This app is truly a godsend for neatniks like me who want to make sense of our images. This app not only lets you change the name of images, it also gives you the option to change the title. The latest 3.0 update includes a terrific new option: to select a group of associated images (such as a picnic with friends) and serialize the names (such as "2020-picnic-001", "2020-picnic-002", etc.) This is invaluable when organizing your image library. Many thanks to the dev for this plugin. If you like it, consider clicking the "Donate" button on the plugin's main page.
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  • fixed issue with ShortPixel


  • fixed javascript error on single media page


  • changed filename textbox size in attachment page


  • fixed issue with older php versions


  • added support for filename serialization


  • added action ‘pmr_renaming_successful’


  • changed renaming error message to have more information about the source of the error


  • fixed error with old files stored in year- month- based subfolders (many thanks to @jockolad who addressed the issue)


  • fixed distribution error


  • fixed issue with media files organized in subfolders


  • fixed another issue with new big image management introduced in WordPress 5.3


  • fixed issue with new big image management introduced in WordPress 5.3
  • fixed issue with shortpixel image optimiser


  • fixed default value for accent sanitization option


  • added option to manage accent sanitization in file name


  • fixed issue with multisite (many thanks to @synetech for addressing the issue)


  • fixed localization support for link to settings page in plugin list


  • added link to settings page in plugin list


  • added settings page (thanks to @mrleif)


  • added support for elementor


  • changed post title management in bulk operations


  • fixed issue with WPML


  • removed unnecessary php warnings from log file (thanks to @alx359)


  • removed unnecessary php warnings from log file (thanks to @alx359)


  • fixed issue with WPML


  • fixed issue with WP Compress plugin


  • disabled submit button during bulk rename
  • added js minification


  • fixed error in Smart Slider custom table update


  • fixed error in Smart Slider custom table update


  • optimized sql for Smart Slider custom tables update


  • fixed error in Smart Slider custom table update


  • added support for Smart Slider


  • fixed ajax notification issue on php 7


  • added support for non-latin characters in file name


  • added sanitization to file names


  • added licence for phoenix icon


  • added support for localization


  • fixed author username


  • Initial version