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PDF Catalog for WooCommerce


Here is a short description of the plugin.

PDF Catalog for WooCommerce is an easy and powerful tool for creating catalog for online store using different templates

This is the long description.

PDF Catalog for WooCommerce is an easy and powerful tool for creating catalog for online store using different templates. Our tool can automaticaly load the information of the products online, add catalog cover, index and content from the given templates as you want. After that PDF Catalog for WooCommerce will create beautiful PDF catalog for you. You can burn your packaged PDF Catalog to CD or mail it to your customers directly.

Excellent solution for catalog creating, It contained several catalog templates.
User can create catalog for all products or a part of products which user searching and choosing.
All categories and products information is usability.

NOTE: We can create templates according to your needs and using your own design. In case if you need your custom template develpoment feel free to send request to Ovologics team here: ovologics@gmail.com


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Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘PDF Catalog’
Activate PDF Catalog from your Plugins page.

Часті питання

Installation Instructions

Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘PDF Catalog’
Activate PDF Catalog from your Plugins page.

Do you provide support service?

In case if you need to order additional services or paid customization, we are glad to help you :). Please visit: http://store.ovologics.com/services

Do you provide custom development?

Yes, Ovologics team is able to develop any custom changes regarding WordPress/WooCommerce etc. Please contact us: ovologics@gmail.com

Do you provide advanced version of the addon?

Yes, you can review the product here – http://store.ovologics.com/products/woocommerce/advanced-pdf-catalog-woocommerce, and even more you are able to always to order custom modifications of the product suitable for your business needs.


It will export to PDF but it doesn’t format the content as expected and it doesn’t pull the descriptions of the products. It also downloads to the computer while a message appears on the screen “Please wait, forming a link!” You are left thinking you need a download link when it’s already downloaded to your computer.
So it will sometimes pull products, sometimes it will not. It also struggles with variable products, just showing the parent and a cost of $0.00 Painfully, it will only display some of the products in a category, I’d happily shell out the $50 for the full version, however I’d want some guarantee that it will work, which this does not give me.
It doesn’t collect the prices, and the layouts are gross….but this has so much potential. I really hope the dev fixes it up or looks into it again.
Because products that are variable in nature each have an individual price, your catalog will be generated with products that have a price = $0.00 if they have variables (even if all variations are the same price). This is, unfortunately, not useful.
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New version has been updated.


Added new template


Fixed issue with predefined 10 products per catalog


Fixed installation issue and compatibility issues with Advanced PDF Catalog


  • First release