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Paldesk – Live Chat & Helpdesk


Paldesk is a live chat plugin that helps businesses proactively chat in real-time with visitors and customers to their website. Connect multiple channels into a single dashboard, respond to all your messages from one place. Start capturing leads, solving tickets & selling more.


Built on-top of a robust customer helpdesk and ticketing software, Paldesk integrates with your most popular customer communication channels.

• Email
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Android & iOS Apps
• Website

Consolidate inbound inquiries from email, mobile apps and social networks so they can be answered from one convenient dashboard – or even from Slack!

Stop juggling multiple accounts, logins and open browser windows and never miss an opportunity to engage or answer your customers.


Paldesk is great for entrepreneurs and startups that are managing their first live chat channel, and scales easily to businesses with multiple chat operators in distinct teams or divisions.

Explore some of the essential features Paldesk has to offer, listed below.

Multichat Support – Add multiple chats and install them on more than one website.
Working Hours – Add multiple chats and install them on more than one website.
Smart Chat Routing – Assign chats to the ideal agent.
Ticketing – Create, manage, respond and resolve tickets.
Predefined Answers – Respond to FAQ questions faster and get more done.
chat Customization – Customize your look and color of your website chat.
Notifications – Get notified via email when a new conversation arrives.

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.


Paldesk – Live Chat & Helpdesk is easy to install and takes under 4 minutes to get up and running on WordPress.

Start your journey! Get chatting! Download the Paldesk plugin now and sign up here for a free trial!

Override chat css Style

To override chat css, use class “.paldesk-chat” as parent class and “!important” for property values. Examples can be found in {plugin folder}/css/site/paldesk-chat-override.css.tpl


  • Paldesk is a live chat plugin that helps businesses proactively chat in real-time with website visitors.
  • Paldesk live chat integrates with your most popular customer communication channels.
  • With Paldesk live chat you can customize your look and color to fit your brand.
  • Paldesk live chat provides you to communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere.


  1. If you don’t have a Paldesk Live Chat account already, click here and please create one now.
  2. In the administration section of your WordPress site, click on the ‘Plugins’ tab in the left panel, then click ‘Add New’.
  3. Search for ‘Paldesk – Live Chat & Helpdesk’.
  4. Click the ‘Install Now’ button.
  5. After installing, click ‘Activate Plugin’.
  6. Select ‘Paldesk’ from the left-hand menu in your WordPress admin section.
  7. To fill API Key field, open your Paldesk Dashboard -> click ‘Administration’. Under ‘Embeddable elements’ select ‘Website chat’. Expand chat (‘+’) or click on ‘Edit’ and copy the API key found under ‘CMS integration’ link.
  8. Go back to your WordPress console, paste the API’s Key code and press ‘Save’.
  9. Paldesk Live Chat chat will now display on your website.

You’re done!

Часті питання

Questions or suggestions? Click here to chat live with us. We’d love to help you out. Our dedicated live chat support team is standing by to help you along the way.


A great plugin. The interface was kinda hard for me to understand at the start at it is really wide, but luckily support is good. They guided me well, and now I know where everything is. New things are constantly added and improved. Application is very good and has a lot of features. I recommend it to everyone.
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Release Date – 18th Aug 2020

  • Code optimization


Release Date – 2nd Jan 2019

  • Added script


Release Date – 16th Dec 2019


Release Date – 22nd Nov 2019

  • Added Easy Popup and Feedback Form as a new features


Release Date – 11th Dec 2018

  • External CSS modifications enabled through WP administration


Release Date – 14th Nov 2018

  • PHP bug fix (crashing wp admin)


Release Date – 07th Nov 2018

  • Updated JS chat snippet code


Release Date – 04th Sep 2018

  • Code optimization – renamed “layouts/admin_settings_overridecss.php” => “layouts/admin_settings_form.php”
  • Bug fix – input field for API Key in plugin administration settings started with white space


Release Date – 19th July 2018

  • Code optimization
  • Bug fix – in some cases api Key is not included when rendering chat


Release Date – 16th July 2018

  • Added plugin settings option to override chat CSS in WP Admin


Release Date – 12th July 2018

  • Fixed bug that showed error notice about style not being included correctly


Release Date – 11th July 2018

  • Added paldesk-chat-override.css to allow extra style customization


Release Date – 9th May 2018

*(added) chat settings


Release Date – 16th March 2018

*Update of Paldesk URLs


Release Date – 20th February 2018

*Initial Paldesk Live Chat WordPress Plugin