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Output Desk Live Chat


Output Desk is a free Live Chat assists you to Answer your customers in real-time and make them happy. Once you installed the plug-in, you will be ready to avail the full advantages of the benefits our Output Desk provides.

With Output Desk, say your website visitors that you are there to help them lively and turn your Idle website as Live.

Live chat and visitors Monitoring

Output Desk Live Chat supports to monitor your visitors. Lively you can find out the visitors accessing your website, the current page and the pages accessed by them, how they noticed your website, consent the chats, and then invite them to chat.

How it Works?

After installing the plug-in successfully, just link with your Output Desk Account to get the Live Chat box on your website. Then launch Output Desk Dashboard to access all features and to see the list of visitors on your website, to whom you can write to any-time.

Key Features

  • Simple and easiest installation, once you installed the plug-in, you’re ready to go
  • Fully customizable chat window
  • Keep track of your visitors / customers
  • Chat Logs to see all the chat details
  • IP / Country Restriction to block Evil visitors
  • Location Map to see the location of your visitors in Map
  • Chats Queue to see the visitors who are in the wait queue
  • Versatile Operator Departments
  • Transfer Chat to transfer your chat session to a specific operator
  • Operator to Operator chats to get help from other operators
  • Multi-Operator Chats to chat with all your visitors at the same time
  • Off-line messages form for your visitors to send you an email, when you are away
  • Universal canned messages to help you during live chat
  • Tags to display the predefined answer
  • User Live Chat Ratings to help you track your live chat experience
  • Option to upload your profile picture to make trust on your visitors
  • Sound Reports to analyse your performance level and quality
  • Integrations available for third party services like Output Messenger
  • Easy to use web-chat interface
  • Awesome support

For more details visit https://www.outputdesk.com/

If you need help with the Chat or you want to report a bug please refer to our support at http://support.outputdesk.com/
After installing the plug-in, visit the account set-up page and finish the instant signup process. Now you can chat with your website visitors/customers directly through the Operators console.


  • Output Desk – Live Chat Window on your Website
  • Account Configuration on WP Back-end
  • Output Desk – Dashboard
  • Output Desk – Back-end Operator Console
  • Offline Message form will be displayed when you are away


Server Requirements: PHP4 or PHP5.

WordPress versions: WordPress 3.0 and up.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for “Output Desk” in the box provided or upload the downloaded patch, and click “Install Now.”
  • After the installation finishes, click “Activate” and you’re ready to work with Output Desk.
  • Click the menu “Output Desk” on the left.
  • Make full use of the Live Chat – Output Desk.

Часті питання

Where can I find documentation for the Live Chat software Output Desk?

You can get the helpline any-time at our Support site http://support.outputdesk.com/

And we are happy to help you! Just chat with us through our site https://www.outputdesk.com/ or email us at support@srimax.com for further clarifications.


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