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The installation turned out to be simple, everything is clear. I registered on your site and got the API, added it to the plugin, it works. The first impression of the plugin is good, I give you 4 stars. I will change this if things are okay in the future.
I tried this plugin and I can say that it is probably the best thing you can think of for e-commerce on Wordpress.
Easy plugin installation, convenient configuration. A cryptocurrency gateway for WordPress makes this CMS even more attractive for developing websites that don't look like blogs. I have a couple of questions for the devs, where can I send them?
My store management wanted to try out accepting cryptocurrency and brought NOWPayments up to my attention as a solution to test. After testing it for about 2 months, I can say that there have been no problems with the plugin. It does the job, no questions asked. I think we are going to stick to NOWPayments for the foreseeable future.
I am enjoying using NOWPayments's plugin! I am a fan of all the NOW products, what makes them stand out to me is the simplicity of integration and the quality that you get. They are also always open for suggestions on anything. I especially like the auto-conversion feature because it removes limits for my clients and me. They can pay whichever currency they want, and I can receive my sweet BTC. I would recommend anyone that is considering it to try it, it doesn't cost anything.
05.12.2019 1 reply
This plugin is farce, its non-custodial in name only and forces you to use a single wallet address to recieve all transactions. Its already well known that reusing a wallet address is never the option in case for privacy.
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