NoHackMe Defender


The NoHackMe Defender plugin ensures the security of your WordPress site by blocking IP addresses when receiving suspicious requests, or when too many requests are received from a single IP over a certain period. The plugin offers comprehensive protection mechanisms including:

  • Захист від злому: Блокування IP-адрес, які надсилають підозрілі дані.
  • Parsing protection: Prevents malicious parsing attempts on your website.
  • DoS protection: Stops denial-of-service attacks by limiting excessive requests.
  • Password brute force protection: Prevents repeated login attempts to guess passwords.

Explore our instructional videos to see the NoHackMe Defender plugin in action and learn how to configure settings and manage blocked IP addresses efficiently:

  1. Protect Your WordPress Site for Free – Installing and Configuring NoHackMe Defender Plugin: A thorough guide on activating and configuring the NoHackMe Defender plugin, including its free version features.
  2. How to Protect Your Site from Hackers, Parsing, and DoS – Testing WordPress Plugin NoHackMe Defender: Demonstrates the plugin’s effectiveness in blocking suspicious requests and securing your site.
  3. Premium Protection for WordPress Sites – A Breakdown of the Paid Features of NoHackMe Defender Plugin: Explores the advanced features available in the premium version of the plugin.

For more information and a live demonstration, visit our Plugin Demo Page.

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Часті питання

What is the difference between the free and Premium versions of the plugin?

The main difference of the Premium version of the plugin lies in the ability to edit lists of suspicious queries, as well as the IP address ranges of Google and Yandex robots. In this regard, you can both delete individual suspicious queries and trusted IP address ranges from these lists and add your own.

Also, in the Premium version of the plugin, there is an option to “one-click” add Google and Yandex robots to the list of trusted IP addresses. That is, not to block Google and Yandex robots if they exceed the limits of the maximum possible number of requests over a period of time.

Otherwise, the free version of the plugin is not limited in any way. And, essentially, purchasing the Premium version of the plugin is just a way to say “thank you” and support the plugin developer.

How to Buy a Premium Version of the Plugin

To purchase the Premium version of the plugin, write to e-mail

About the plugin developer

You can download and view my portfolio in Google Docs. Also, find me on LinkedIn.

For website and WordPress plugin development inquiries, email


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  • Initial release: Includes hacking, parsing, DoS, and password brute force protection.