MyQSL query cache stats


Admin dashboard widget monitoring of query cache performance statistics – to optimize sizing configuration and highlight bottlenecks.

Query for ‘Options Autoload Size’ is freshly executed on each page load and its result size increases constantly over time and is closely related to the amount of data plugins save.

Heavy plugins might increase very significantly this query result size.
Poorly written plugins have been found to constantly increase this query result size.
Oversized ‘Options Autoload Size’ result is a top factor in slow wordpress sites and the potential cause of sudden performance degradation.

Monitor ‘Options Autoload Size’ fits into both ‘Query_cache_size’ and ‘Query_cache_limit’.
Monitor when ‘Qcache_lowmem_prunes’ occur.


  • Active query cache stats
  • Disabled query cache stats
  • Execute database command RESET QUERY CACHE


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Журнал змін


  • Added wp_options Autoload Size


  • Added Database Size
  • Added Refresh button


  • Added Questions, removed Queries
    Query cache does not cache statements executed within stored programs.
    Queries differs from Questions in that it also counts statements executed within stored programs.
    Questions differs from Queries in that it doesn’t count statements executed within stored programs.
  • Added widget button RESET QUERY CACHE
    Execute database command RESET QUERY CACHE.


  • First release