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My Chatbot Agency Chat


My Chatbot Agency is a Free Live Chat and chatbot plugin for WordPress. It offers unlimited chats and limited chatbot resolution for free.

It integrates with your website in less than a minute. Get access to the platform where you choose the questions you want to automate and it is on !

What do we feature ?

  • Real Easy 2 clicks installation !
  • Customize the chat widget according to your graphical charter.
  • Solve your customers’ issues 24/7.
  • Increase your leads and keep track of your visitors.
  • Qualify your visitors.
  • Contact and/or respond to any customer who is visiting your site.
  • Get inform by email when a user is chatting with you.
  • Access all your past conversation in your dashboard.
  • Free plan live chat & chatbot available

And a lot of more features to come.

Your dashboard is available here Dashboard.


  • Operator dashboard

  • Chat widget customization


  1. Install and activate plugin.

  2. Click on the My Chatbot Agency button in your left sidebar.

  3. Click the button “Connect to My Chatbot Agency platform” to connect your site with My Chatbot Agency platform .

  4. Sign in or create a new account (If you’re not already signed in to My Chatbot Agency).

  5. Click the “Link to WordPress” button to get the chat widget on your website.

  6. Start chatting with your users!

  7. You can customize your chat widget in your My Chatbot Agency platform account.

Часті питання

Do I have to install any extra software?

No, just this plugin.

How can I change the appearance of the widget on my page?

You can change all your widget settings from your [My Chatbot Agency chat settings](https://app.faqulty.co/settings”My Chatbot Agency chat settings”).

What pricing plans do you offer?

Check the My Chatbot Agency pricing page for the latest info! We offer both free (chat only) and paid plans (automation).

Does My Chatbot Agency support other languages?

Absolutely! You can customize all the messages that appear in the chat widget and write them in whatever language you want.

Can I temporarily remove the chat widget from my site without losing my settings?

Yes, deactivating the My Chatbot Agency plugin will stop the widget from showing up, but your preferred widget settings will remain for when you want to reactivate it.


Le chat s’ajoute sans aucun soucis sur un site internet. Il est facile à configurer par la suite avec vos codes couleurs ! Pour ce qui de programmer des automatisations, c’est tout aussi facile. Il vous suffit de rentrer textuellement les questions et réponses et ensuite le bot se charge de tout. Un petit plus, un chat en contact direct avec notre équipe de développement est présent sur la plateforme ce qui permet d’éclaircir rapidement tout questionnement.
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