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URL Shortener by MyThemeShop


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If you are tired of using 3rd party tools to shorten your website’s long, boring URLs, and want to use your own domain to do it – MTS URL Shortener is just the thing you need.

URL Shortener is a must-have WordPress Plugin for webmasters looking to leverage social media. It helps you create a short version of your URLs that you can share on social media, or via word-of-mouth. Long URLs can be hard to pronounce and impossible to remember. Our plugin fixes that by creating a rememberable, custom URL without altering anything else on your website.

It is extremely simple-to-use, and you will be up and running in minutes. No custom configuration is required to make it work and using it is as simple as clicking a few buttons. You certainly don’t need to know how to code when it comes to URL Shortener.

Apart from shortening your own blog’s URLs, you can generate a trimmed version of external URLs as well. So, this is just the tool you need to share that article you found interesting. Unlike some of the 3rd party tools, our plugin lets your track how many people clicked on the short links in real-time. Perfect for tracking how many people click on your shared links, even better if you want to track results from different social media websites.

This plugin loads faster than any 3rd party tool, so your visitors won’t waste time just waiting for the short links to redirect to the final target. It is also customizable so that you can put the right words in your short URLs without having to rely on 3rd party tools’ randomly generated links.

The best feature of the plugin is probably the way it helps you hide affiliate links. We all know how tricky that can be and we feel your pain. That’s why we made it shockingly simple to hide affiliate URLs or referrer data with URL Shortener plugin. You will be sure that your visitors won’t skip your affiliate URL and directly making the purchase without you getting the credit for it.

You can choose the redirection method for your Short Links. You can select between 301, 302, or 307 redirects and have complete control over the link-juice flow.

There is an option to automatically link certain keywords in all your posts to short URLs. This feature is especially useful for affiliates. You can, for example, change all instances of “Amazon.com” in your posts to a link pointing to Amazon.com via your affiliate URL.

When you create too many short links, managing them can be a pain. To counter that, we made it easy for your to organise your shortened URLs into Categories so you can locate them conveniently in the future.


Create Short Links

Create short links that your visitors will easily be able to memorize and that you can fit into Tweets, Facebook posts and more.

Faster Than Any External Shortener

External shorteners can be slow when redirecting your visitors. That damages customer satisfaction and it slows down your site. Our plugin is the fastest way to link!

Fully Customizable

Change settings to make your short links just the way you want them. Make sure your links reflect your brand and stick in the memory!

Hide Affiliate Links

URL Shortener is a great way to hide affiliate links. This is a perfect way to ensure that people don’t bypass your links and cost you money!

Easy to Use

URL Shortener could not be easier to use. This is a quick way to generate links to any page on your site!

Track Clicks

URL Shortener will also keep track of number of clicks on each short link. This will help you to find out which links are bringing more affiliate income.

Organize Short Links in Categories

Keep all your short links in one convenient place and quickly sort and organize them so you can find the ones you need.

Redirect With 301/302/307 Headers

Redirect your visitors and keep them updated as to what’s going on. This is a good way to deal with dead links and keep that visitor engagement.

Open Link in New Window

Send your visitors to an affiliate product while keeping them engaged with your brand. Or let them read two of your pages at once. The option is yours when you redirect with fresh windows!

Option to Add `rel=”nofollow”`

Avoid letting spiders and trackers follow your links by adding nofollows. A great way to hide your order confirmation pages, activation codes and more!

Option to Add `rel=”noReferrer”`

Don’t want the destination site to know you sent the visitors? Add a noreferrer keyword and they won’t. Our tool is infinitely flexible to fit your every need!

Option to Add Title Attribute

Add titles to your redirects to update your visitors on what’s happening or to improve your search engine optimization.

Easy to Insert Into Post

Our plugin makes it incredibly easy to insert links anywhere and everywhere as you create posts and pages!

Add Links Using Shortcodes

Shortcodes are just one more feature that make URL Shortener an incredibly convenient and rapid tool. Just add a small snippet of code anywhere on your site and your link will be ready to go!

Bulk Replace Links in Old Posts and Pages

Got lots of old links you want to replace? Our tool lets you easily swap them for your new shorter URL. This can save you countless man-hours!

Limit Replacements

Or use the filters included to limit replacements and make sure that only certain links are swapped out – it’s your call!

Import From Pretty Link Plugin

Using Pretty Link and want to swap to our powerful URL Shortener tool? We make the process easy by letting you quickly import your old links and settings.


  • Create Short URL
  • Advanced Options for Single Short URL
  • All Short URLs along with total Clicks
  • Global Settings
  • Import from Pretty Link plugin


  1. Upload mts-url-shortener.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and extract it
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create your own short URLs from the WordPress Dashboard using ‘Short Links’ Menu

Часті питання

I am facing issue with the plugin, where can I get the support?

We will do our best to provide support through the WordPress forums. However, all plugin support is provided in our forum. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here: https://mythemeshop.com/go/signup/index/c/free. After searching the knowledge base and forum if you are still stuck, feel free to open a new thread, and a member of our support team will be happy to help. Cheers!

Support link: http://community.mythemeshop.com/forum/free/plugin-support


Muchas Gracias por esta herramienta, claramente podrian hacer una versión pro, con funcionalidades como exportar enlaces y reportes de analitica de accesos similares a bit.ly o cutt.ly. Gracias!
An extremely versatile and easy-to-use link shortener. Am very happy with it. Thanks a lot!
The plugin does exactly what its used to be. You are able to create short links for any kind of web URL you want to through your domain. This is great, BUT .. I had some other expectations: I miss a widget within the sidebar during the edit/creation process of a site or a blog entry to create a short link directly while I’m creating/editing a site/blog entry. Therefore only 4 of 5.
We convert old HTML websites to WordPress and have found that URL Shortener by MyThemeShop is one of those “must-have” plugins for every one of those sites. Whether we use it to redirect old, outdated pages to new ones or simply shorten long, clunky URLs into compact, SEO-friendly links, URL Shortener does the job quickly and easily.
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  • Strengthened the security of the plugin
  • Fixed some visual issues on the admin screen


  • Fixed preg_match_all(): warning in the PHP 7.3


  • Added: URL Shortener premium plugin notices filter


  • Fixed: URL Shortener replaces Keywords in attributes issue


  • Changed admin notices


  • Updated admin notices


  • Fixed page shortcodes issue
  • Fixed body content break issue


  • Added an option to delete all data when uninstalling the plugin
  • Fixed paragraph hiding issue if ‘&’ is present


  • Fixed admin screen issue on localized versions of WordPress


  • Made import notice dismissible


  • Fixed Multisite compatibility


  • Pro version is here! Added notice for Pro version.


  • Fixed bulk delete function


  • Added missing nonce check


  • Fixed user capabilities for editing Link Categories


  • Updated plugin name to ‘URL Shortener by MyThemeShop’


  • Fixed bug: ampersand character in target URL


  • Plugin released