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WordPress Membership Plugin – MoMo Membership


Enabling membership features into a site is easy with momo-membership plugin. Adding this wordpress membership plugin, any normal website running on wordpress can start restricting contents for members only, sell subscriptions etc. It is very easy to use and yet comes with all features / functions required to run a membership site.

To make it easy to setup and use, many pages are created automatically immediately when the plugin is installed /activated. A registration page containing a registration form with fields to collect name, email etc are created so that a user can register as a member. A user profile page is created so that a member can add other personal information and edit them whenever necessary. If a site owner wants to charge for membership, a page with a subscription form is available which is integrated with Paypal. Site owner can create their own subscription options and give it specific wp_capabiities and set different prices.

It is compatible wth all popular plugins, including woocommerce.

Documentation: Read documentation


Setting up subscription is easy and can be made to accept payment if needed. Subscription is based for user roles. Besides default WP roles, a custom role can be created and assigned with specific WP capabilities, which determines what a member with that role will be allowed to perform on the website. Set a price for the subscription, which is what the members will hvae to pay to enjoy the benefits it allows.

Emails & Messages

As an admin, siteowners can set to receive alerts whenever a new user registers as a member. The newly registered user too will receive an email with a link on their inbox which they have to click on as one of the steps of verification. All members have the option of sending themselves a new email with password if they forget it.


  • Levels : Create custom membership roles with specific permission
  • Content Restriction : Restrict access to posts & pages as per user roles
  • Default Pages: In-built essential pages to run membership site
  • Subscription : Charge money for membership based on subscription
  • Merchant Account: Paypal payment
  • Shortcodes : Code snippets that can be added to any page to make them a registration form, subscription form etc


  • Momo membership dashboard
  • Default Pages
  • Momo membership metabox


This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  1. Log in and navigate to Plugins & Add New.
  2. Type “momo membership” into the Search input and click the “Search” button.
  3. Locate the “momo membership” in the list of search results and click “Install Now”.
  4. Click the “Activate Plugin” link at the bottom of the install screen.

It can also be installed manually.

  1. Download the “mmt-membership.zip” plugin from WordPress.org.
  2. Unzip the package and move to your plugins directory.
  3. Log into WordPress and navigate to the “Plugins” screen.
  4. Locate “mmt-membership” in the list and click the “Activate” link.

Часті питання

Where can I get help with installation and configuration of the plugin.

Please check the documentation our support site at http://www.momothemes.com for more documentation and our support forums.

This plugin does not work on my site.

Please post the issue with detailed information in the WordPress support forum. We will provide you the solution as soon as possible.

Is this plugin compatible with my theme?

Momo membership plugin is compatible with all pouplar themes and all others that have followed wordpress development standads.


all membership functions available
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  • Initial Version.


  • Added : Activity log. Record of members login. Total time spent in each session.


  • Added : email confirmation mail to user who has sumitted registration form
  • Added : password reset link
  • Added : option to notify admin for each new member registration


  • Added : French language file