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Thanks, this will be great to use on future sites!
I love the plugin but I have tried to make its position:fixed in my viewport and also customize its position according to the website and I didn't manage to get a satisfactory result Would be an awesome functionality to add. Also being able to change the size of the icons in the setting. Also adapting the panel to the content rather than the anchor would be great. Well done
Thanks! Much work left to do but is a very powerfull and awesome plugin that does what none other offer. I saved miles of viewport to scroll to search results using the filters as sliding widget. keep going with your great idea! Best regards
15.03.2017 1 reply
Very light slide panel plugin that can be setup in a few minutes. Unfortunately I haven't figured out yet how to fix the position of the button vertically! But I am sure I will 🙂 PS: You need good CSS skills in order to really customize the style of your panel
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