Цей плагін не перевірявся з останніми 3-ма основними випусками WordPress. Можливо, він більше не може розроблятися або підтримуватися, і він може мати проблеми сумісності при використанні з більш новими версіями WordPress.

Meta Collections


Meta Collections

Meta Collections is developed to turn WordPress into a Collection manager.
Beside ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’ you can add your own custom post types (a Collection e.g. ‘Films’, ‘Recipes’ or ‘Products’).
For that particular post type you can add you own Metadata schema (custom fields: For ‘Products’ a price, image and manufacturer field).
For example, if you want a Dublin Core metadata schema you can. That schema can be a mixture of system and custom fields or a completely customized metadataschema.
You can intuitively compose the user interface for the post type in a preview screen by dragging and dropping metafields in the right places using neat metaboxes.
Fields can be validated and can consist of multiple instances (e.g. more dan one ingredient field with a custom post type ‘recipes’).
You can add metafields in the post overview table.

Fields types

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Wysiwyg (WordPress’ native Editor)
  • Vimeo API connector (copies vimeo’s preview images and other metadata into wordpress, configure embedding options)
  • Youtube field. (Using YouTube’s API to get all the metadata for the film) Ability to use the title and description from the Youtube film in WordPress’ title and description
  • ColorPicker (jQuery UI Colorpicker with hsb, rgb, lab, cmyk, hex colortype and transparancy support)
  • Date (jQuery UI datepicker)
  • Datetime (jQuery Mobiscroll)
  • Image
  • Georeference (Using google maps API for displaying a map and (reverse) geocode)
  • True / False (checkbox with text comment)
  • Taxonomy (adds a ‘WordPress’ native taxonomy or tags to your post type)
  • Select (for selecting one or multiple values in a dropdownmenu)
  • Radio buttons (for single value)
  • Open Layer New Open Layer field for managing multiple point with a post (or other custom post type) every point can contain a title, date time and amount.
  • User field. Select single or multiple wordpress users en roles in checkbox, select or radio setting.
  • Combination Field. A field that can contain multiple other fieltypes. For example a text field and an image field. This field can also be repeated.
    This field you will enable to add multiple ‘records’ to one post, page or other custom post type you created.
    For instance, if you would have a custom post type ‘films’, this field would enable you to add mulitple actors with each film containing a bio, photo and other personal info.

* File
* multiple checkboxes
* ask/request!


Shorcodes is still quite simple
you can add the follow shorcode in your posts description in order to use the fields
[collections metafield=”identifier” instance=”all” seperator=” – “]

The shorcode analyzed:
1. ‘collections’ to identify the shortcode for the collections plugin. alwya begin the shorcode with
1. ‘metafield= metafieldID’ you can look a metafieldID up by editing a metadataset and then a metadatafield.
1. ‘instance = number’ to enable use of multiple values in a metafield. use 0 for the value for instance 0 or 1 for instance 1. Default if variable is not used is 0.
Use ‘all’ to return all the values.
1. ‘seperator = ‘number’ if you use ‘All’for ‘instance’ then you can define a ‘seperator’ which seperate the values.

Localized interface

The plugin is published in a language supporing two languages, English and Dutch. Feel free to translate it to another language.


  • Edit screen Collections
  • Metadataschema
  • Edit Screen Collections
  • Compose your user Interface
  • Start managing your collection
  • The new Vimeo field


  1. Upload the plugin folderto the/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. ..or just download it trough the wordpress new plugin interface searching for ‘meta collections’
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Create a Collection
  5. Create a Metadata Schema
  6. Compose the Collection’s User Interface
  7. Start managing your collection
  8. Build your collection details into your template or use shortcode

Часті питання

I added a metafield but it doesn’t show up in the post type edit screen

You first have to drag it into the user interface. Go to Collections, click on ‘User Interface’, Create and place a metabox and drag the field in that box.

How to use this plugin in template design?

When you add metadata to a post type, a hint appears above every field how to get the data in the front end. Data that belong to each individual field.
The composition differs for each field. The best way to know the fields content is to do this in the right template part (e.g. page.php):

$fieldcontents = get_post_meta($post->ID, collections_fiedname, true);

Besides that there is a simple shortcode interface, explained also in this document.


Для цього плагіна немає відгуків.

Учасники та розробники

“Meta Collections” — проект з відкритим вихідним кодом. В розвиток плагіну внесли свій вклад наступні учасники:


Перекладіть “Meta Collections” на вашу мову.

Цікавитесь розробкою?

Перегляньте код, перегляньте сховище SVN або підпишіться на журнал розробки за допомогою RSS.

Журнал змін


  • This is the first release.


  • Some issues fixed for php 5.2 compatibility
  • fixed some minor bugs


  • Fixed path errors for metadatafields
  • Number of fatal errors fixes
  • Bug fixed in save_metabox() name metabox saved properly now
  • Added functionality to order fields in the table overview
  • Tags and Category support for Collections
  • Empty container ‘class’ caused the drop field in ‘Side’ to be to short
  • Changes all old names ‘collections’ to ‘metacollections’


  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed javascript bug
  • Fixed true false field error
  • Fixed and bug in georeference field.
  • Added field type: Vimeo API field which enables users to add vimeo video with a single video id.
  • Added field type: radio-buttons field.


  • WordPress 3.8 compatible
  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 3.8
  • Fixed google maps, javascript loads without a specific api key
  • Added local javascript libraries instead of using my own.
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Bug drag and drop function in the user interface edit screen
  • missing collections.css
  • added renewed custom vimeo field. communicates trought the Vimeo Api


  • Added the Openlayer field with lots of options. Possibility to add multiple point on a map, use all google maps layers
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Removed unnecessary field options.
  • Added more structure in folders.
  • Change the loading of javascript files. They only load when the have to now.


  • Added the YouTube field with lots of options.
  • Fixed a bug in the open layer field
  • Added a input radio field


  • Added extensive validation options.
  • Added a Combination field with lots of options.
  • Added a User field.
  • Updated the Image field.