This plugin adds a to-maximize CSS icon in the customize theme interface. The to-maximize icon is generated and positioned in a dynamic manner inside it’s container.

It is based on requestFullscreen native Javascript function and if it is supported by the browser then the user can add it’s CSS rules, using CSS editor in fullscreen mode.

The user can exit fullscreen mode by pressing ESC or clicking again on the maxCSS button.


  • MaxCSS icon at 'Additional CSS' in 'Customize Theme' (running with WordPress 5.2 here)
  • Maximized CSS editor (running with WordPress 5.2 here)


  1. Upload the files to the /wp-content/plugins/maxCSS/ directory or install through WordPress directly.
  2. Activate the “maxCSS” plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit Customize Theme –> Additional CSS –> Click on MaxCSS button

You can find a step by step tutorial in the codebitshub blog.

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  • Tested with latest wordpress version.


  • Tested with 5.8.2 wordpress version.


  • First version.