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Marketing 360® Payments for Gravity Forms


Marketing 360® Payments for Gravity Forms integrates the Marketing 360 Payments credit card payment gateway with Gravity Forms form builder, giving you the ability to build custom forms for your website that make it easy to accept, track and monitor payments from one place.

  • Build online payment forms
  • Create donation forms
  • Generate booking forms
  • Launch simple buy now forms
  • Accept recurring payments

When customers make a payment on your website, a customer profile will automatically be created in the Payments app in Marketing 360 where you can track their purchases, add details to their profile and more. This gives you a powerful, singular view of your customers that you can use to maximize customer lifetime value and build strong relationships.

This is more than your standard payment gateway, though. Payments is just one of the great apps in Marketing 360. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for business management and marketing tools like a CRM, email marketing, appointment scheduling and reporting tools to help you keep track of it all, look no further than Marketing 360.

About Marketing 360

Over 20,000 small businesses use Marketing 360 to manage and grow their business. Not only do you get the tools you need to scale, but you get the do-it-for-you marketing programs you need to grow — all in one platform. Click here to sign up today.

Plugin Support

View the Marketing 360 Knowledge Base to read our support articles or submit a ticket with our team.


  • Connecting your website to your Marketing 360® account takes just seconds.
  • Include a product, credit card, and total field in each payment form.
  • Each customer that submits a payment will display in the Marketing 360® Payments app


Before You Get Started

To process transactions on Gravity Forms with Marketing 360® Payments, you’ll need start with these things:

  1. Secure Your Website with an SSL certificate.
  2. Install Gravity Forms Gravity Forms on your site.
  3. Create your Marketing 360 account.
  4. Enable the Payments app in Marketing 360.


Installing the Marketing 360 Payments for Gravity Forms consists of two parts: installing the plugin and connecting it to your Marketing 360 account.

  1. Installing The Marketing 360® Payments For Gravity Forms Plugin
  2. Connecting Gravity Forms to Marketing 360 Payments

Building & Testing A Payment Form

Once you’ve installed and connected the plugin, the next steps are to build a payment form, add it to your website, then verify everything is working.

  1. Building a Marketing 360® Payments Gravity Form
  2. Creating A Feed
  3. Verifying your Plugin Integration

Need A Little Help?

If you ever run into issues or you have questions, let us know!
Submit an IT Ticket from the Knowledge Base.


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