Magic Post Thumbnail


Automatically generate thumbnails & images for your posts !

Retrieve images from Google Images, Flickr or Pixabay thanks to API, based on your post title, text analysis and much more. The plugin add picture as your featured thumbnail or inside the post when you publish the post.
The plugin allow you to configure some settings for your automatics images : Image bank, language search, posts types chosen, image type, free-to-use or not, image size and much more.

New feature : Images based on text analysis !

Official Website

What is included ?

Magic Post Thumbnail for FREE


  • Generate Thumbnail for one post
  • Generate Thumbnails for Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types
  • Image based on Titles or Text Analysis
  • Images from Google Image, Google API, Pixabay or Flickr
  • Mass Image Generation for chosen posts or chosen taxonomies
  • Comptability with WPeMatico, CyberSyn, Rss Post Importer, FeedWordPress, WP All Import and more!

Magic Post Thumbnail PRO

Upgrade to PRO | Support

  • Customisable Crons
  • Images from Youtube, ShutterStock, Getty Images or Unsplash
  • Image based on Tags, Categories, Custom Fields
  • Image generated randomized
  • Restricted domains
  • Setup a proxy
  • 24h Support


  • англійська
  • французька

Todo list

Magic post thumbnail is improving progressively. Feel free to post on the forum or email to give your suggestion or warn about a bug.

  • More translations (you can help)
  • Improve integration with Gutemberg editor

Support the plugin

If you’ve found the plugin useful, please consider making a donation. Thank you for your support !


  • Magic Post Thumbnail : Bulk Generation
  • Magic post Thumbnail : Settings
  • Magic post Thumbnail : Image Banks
  • Magic post Thumbnail : Cron
  • Magic post Thumbnail : Generate featured images for post types
  • Magic post Thumbnail : Generate featured images for taxonomies


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to Settings > Magic Post Thumbnail
  3. Configure your settings, which post type you want to enable it and the image bank.
  4. Go into a post or create one, choose “Plugin enabled for this post” on the sidebar. Update/Create the post and your thumbnail is generated as featured image !
  5. You can also mass generate thumbnails for posts. Go into the list of your posts, choose posts or taxonomy you want to get thumbnails, and into “Bulk Actions” choose “Generate featured images”

If you want to use the Google Image API method : From now on to use the Google Images API, it’s required to provide your own Google Search engine ID and API Key. Follow these steps :

  • Go to the Google API Console > Credentials > Create credentials > API key, copy your new key into the plugin preferences ( Google API Key field ). Then go to Library > Custom Search API > Enable.
  • Go to Custom Search page. Create a new search engine. Then edit the search engine and get the search engine ID. Copy/paste it into the plugin preferences ( Custom Search Engine ID field ).
  • Enjoy !

The “How to do” for APIs activations is available here.

Часті питання

How to generate images ?

There are several ways :

  • You can generate an image when you update a post.
  • You can mass generate thumbnails for posts. Go into the list of your posts, choose posts or taxonomy you want to get thumbnails, and into “Bulk Actions” choose “Generate featured images”
  • You can also automatically schedule generation with crons with the Pro version.

Is it unlimited ?

Yes you can generate image as much as you want.

I have other pre-sale questions, can you help?

Yes! You can ask us any question through our support page.


For the Idea the one Star. This Thumbnail Google Scrapper will bring you easy in serious Copyright troubles. Scrap random Images from Google , to insert and upload to your blog -Webpage. Most Stock image Lbs rank height for images, and they are picky with copyrights. All Other options, like filter for Google Domain or CCO resources are Paid Option s. Beta + Bugs: Text Engine brake ( the only alternative to Title) , Random Selection Fail This Plugin should be not here ...
I bought it and worked perfectly until it stopped working. Tried to use a proxy, check cron or anything and it doesn't generate any thumbnail anymore ... If you need to generate many images better look for another option. It generated around 5000 then doesn't work anymore.
The Magic Post Thumbnail is amazing! I have a news aggregator that gathers more than 3 thousand news per day from different sources and the Magic Post Thumbnail was the perfect solution for the generation of missing Featured Images from various sources. The developer's attention and support is extremely efficient in solving problems and is the most professional I have ever seen! Very happy with the Plugin, instant support and goodwill from the developer. Because of all this, I am happy to purchase the PRO version of the Plugin as thanks for the great product and support, even in the free version. I strongly recommend the Magic Post Thumbnail to everyone!
I purchased, but could not use this plug-in. I want to acquire tens of thousands of face images of 200x200pix only (Custom post type). Plug-in issues ■The acquired image is large(Setting is not an icon) Get in medium size Capture with automatic face position trimming plug-in Reduce image quality with image optimization plug-ins 200x200 size with upload resizing plug-in Many supplemental plug-ins are required. . . A large number of thumbnails can be set automatically, but the image cannot be processed, which is a major obstacle to the server. Therefore, how should the automatic processing function be performed simultaneously with uploading? This is the problem.
We needed to change the featured images for 100's of posts that already had featured images. Wow! Wow! This plugin works like a champ and saved many hours of time if we had to do this process manually. Used this plugin to regenerate new featured images automatically. Just go to the posts page and check the posts you need to regenerate featured images for and watch it work the magic. We used Google Images (scrape) and all's good. Nice work! Highly recommended plugin.
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  • Fix Regex with Google Image Method
  • PRO : Fix bug with proxy and PHP 8.0
  • Update Freemius


  • Update Freemius


  • Fix Wp All import : avoid images with double generation
  • Add do_action(‘mpt_after_create_thumb’) after generation
  • Add trim() to Google Image (API) for ID & Key


  • Remove some errors “Post box not check”
  • PRO : Fix with FIFU Compatibility


  • Error with readme


  • Security fix
  • New Freemius version


  • Fix Regex with Google Image Method


  • Fix with Google Image Method


  • Fix with Google Image Method


  • Fix problem with all banks except Google due to last update
  • PRO : Add notice about proxies : Work only with HTTPS protocol


  • Improved results: Remove more empty images that may appear
  • Freemius update
  • PRO : Add “Blacklisted domains”
  • PRO : Add Username & Password for proxy


  • Fix errors with custom post types and excluded categories


  • Improved results: Remove some empty images that may appear
  • Link between media & post into the media library
  • PRO : Add “Featured Image from URL” plugin compatibility


  • Fix problem with WP All import and custom fields


  • Add “Text_analyser” for “Based on” option
  • Add logs


  • Add Affiliation tab


  • PRO : Fix bug with categories for image into posts


  • Fix broken banks (all except Google Image)
  • Fix “select all” input for free version
  • Improve regex for Google Image


  • Repair scraping for Google Image
  • “Select all” input for some settings
  • Parameters for js & css files for problems with browser cache
  • PRO : Add proxy settings


  • New Bulk generation design
  • Work with resizers plugins
  • More Google Image Sizes
  • New setting : Image format
  • Remove useless files
  • Change image generation method : use admin-ajax now
  • Fix error with “Restricted domains” textarea
  • PRO : Fix problem with crons that don’t fire
  • PRO : Fix problem with crons, – pages images don’t generate
  • PRO : Better design in Crons settings (interval & Post date)
  • PRO : New setting – Image generation into posts