JetStyleManager for Gutenberg


JetStyleManager is a plugin that extends the functionalities of Gutenberg. Combining this plugin with JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, and JetFormBuilder, you will be able to change block styles in the Gutenberg editor. This means that you can make a website built with Gutenberg and JetPlugins even more attractive.

Compatible plugins

For developers

If you’ve got one or more plugins with Gutenberg blocks, JetStyleManager can offer you and your users an API for handy block styles management. As a developer, you get a convenient API that lets you add any custom styles supporting media queries, generate styles in a separate file, and manage them via 10+ different types of controls. Your users get a convenient UI and the ability to customize more styles than allowed by the standard Gutenberg UI. With this solution, you no longer need to add your own APIs for setting and compiling styles in every plugin used. This will ensure high performance both in the editor and on the frontend.

Integrate into your plugin

Guide how to integrate JetStyleManager into your blocks plugins you can find here

Please, feel free to ask any questions about your plugin integration.



We working with many plugins like this. This one is one of the most terrible one: A lot of bugs. A lot of issues. A lot of: "you can fix it by custom css". And if you try to save your work into a style preset: there is still no option todo this. And this plugin have tiny range of compatibility. For many basics you need to build a workaround. Never worked with an so much frustrating software. About most of all basic questions we got feedback: please send a wish request to our github....
This tool gives the jetformbuilder so much more power. Amazing that such an amazing and free plugin with more then 10000 installs, has only 1 review so far, 2 with this one included. C'mon, folks, this is the least you can do.
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