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iPresso integration for WooCommerce


iPresso Marketing Automation allows you to personalize your communications in regards to timing, communication channel, content and form. It integrates multiple tools and services to enable you to design and guide individual customer paths.

By integrating iPresso with your online store, you will create unique scenarios to build and maintain customer relationships, increase customer engagement, loyalty and, of course, sales.

What can you do with our plugin:

  • synchronize your customer data by sending it directly to the iPresso system,
  • manage your contact database, maintain its hygiene and create customer segments,
  • collect the activities of your contacts such as visiting a specific product subpage, adding a product to the shopping cart, summarizing the order and purchasing it,
  • rescue abandoned processes, including abandoned shopping carts,
  • conduct automated and personalized marketing communications across multiple channels simultaneously (email, SMS, web-push, on-site),
  • create personalized marketing automation scenarios, based on your customers’ attributes and activities,
  • use iPresso’s dedicated functionality for the e-commerce industry such as: Feed Manager and Recommendation Frames.
  • manage marketing consents,
  • increase not only conversions and sales of your store, but also the loyalty of your customers through solutions such as scoring, ecouponing and NPS surveys.

This is just a fraction of the possibilities that the system gives you. iPresso is always up to date, giving you access to the latest marketing and sales support technologies.

Часті питання

Is the iPresso plugin for WooCommerce free?

Yes, we offer a free plugin for WooCommerce store owners.

Is it possible to use iPresso for free?

Yes. You can sign up for a 30-day free account without adding a payment card.

What is the price of the iPresso?

You can find detailed pricing here.


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