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Infusionsoft One-click Upsell


The One-click Upsell Plugin makes it easy to add an upsell button to your shopping cart and order form Thank You pages.

Use the upsell shortcode on any Thank You page or post. Make sure you select the option in Infusionsoft to pass the contact’s information to the Thank You page.

Once the customer clicks the upsell button, One-click Upsell will charge the customer’s last used credit card and place the order in Infusionsoft.


  • The upsell button is highly configurable. The settings page guides you through the configuration process.
  • Detailed usage instructions are provided by the plugin.
  • Example shortcodes — using your REAL product data — are provided by the plugin.
  • Using the shortcode in a post or page is easy.
  • The upsell shows up as a button on your post or page.

Часті питання

Do I need an Infusionsoft account?

Yes, you will need to provide your Infusionsoft API key.


Для цього плагіна немає відгуків.

Учасники та розробники

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Журнал змін


  • Added !important to width/height CSS to fix problem with some themes.
  • Now allows you to use input type of submit or button.


  • Fixed improper use of is_plugin_active


  • Fixed duplicate order error reporting.
  • Improved failed order URL handling.


  • You can now upsell subscription plans.


  • The button will now show up even if the Infusionsoft GET params are missing.


  • Added button to editor that makes it easy to add a shortcode.
  • Bug fix: Make sure GET variable exists before trying to access it.


  • Tested up to 3.9.1
  • Re-added modification from 1.2.1 that got lost in 2.0.0 rewrite
  • Fixed missing action links


  • Set a default button text, for situations where the user doesn’t specify one.


  • Complete re-write. This should fix a few conflicts users have had with other plugins.


  • Tested up to 3.9
  • Only pull product names and IDs. This prevents xmlrpc.inc errors when the product description contains a character that isn’t valid XML, and you are using a plugin that loads a version of xmlrpc.inc that doesn’t strip out invalid characters (for example, iMember360).


  • Tested up to 3.8.2
  • Added ability to specify an image to use for the button.


  • Pass upsell order ID to success page


  • Improved merchant account ID detection


  • Changed name comparison to be case-insensitive


  • Fixed “faslse” that should’ve been “false”
  • Made compatible with order forms that do not pass the contact ID field.


  • Replaced a few <? with <?php


  • Add ability to set a CSS ID on your button.
  • Mark certain fields as required.
  • Refuse to show button if required fields are not set.
  • Add link to more plugins by Novak Solutions.
  • Add link requesting ratings at WP.org.
  • Add screenshots.


  • Suggests merchant account ID based on recent usage within Infusionsoft


  • Fix missing parameter for Infusionsoft_InvoiceService::addOrderItem call


  • Only pull credit card ID (grabbing more can cause failures)
  • Use correct date format when creating blank order


  • Bug fix


  • Removed error reporting code.


  • Removed the Novak Solutions SDK.
  • Plugin is now dependent on the Infusionsoft SDK plugin.
  • Fix undefined index errors.
  • Removed call to function that didn’t exist.
  • Removed function that wasn’t used.
  • Tested up to 3.8.1


  • First release on WordPress.org