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Automated Form Monitor


Infer‘s automated form monitor plugin can help marketing operations teams periodically test their site forms and ensure they’re operating properly.

About Infer

Infer is a predictive sales and marketing platform. We help B2B companies transform their data into actionable intelligence to guide you what to do next. Learn more at infer.com

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For screenshots, FAQ’s, and installation and usage instructions, please see this post on the Infer blog.

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For screenshots, FAQ’s, and installation and usage instructions, please see this post on the Infer blog.


I manage a lot of sites with a lot of forms. Before using this plugin, I would generally only discover a form was offline when (and if) a user reported the error. This means important web-to-lead, content download, and contact forms had the potential be offline for months at a time. The negative impact this could have on sales and customer relationships cannot be overstated. Using Infer's automatic form monitor plugin, I now receive a weekly report in my inbox. If a form goes offline, I'm able to identify and fix it quickly. This helps me mitigate any deleterious effects the malfunctioning form might have on revenue, marketing efforts, or relationship management activities
Infer's automated form monitor plugin is an incredibly useful resource for marketing operations teams. In the past, automatically monitoring a site's forms -- making sure they're on-line and operating normally -- required a complex solution like Selenium. Using Infer's plugin, however, marketing operations teams can put their form tests on autopilot quickly, easily, and for free. Installing, activating, and setting up the plugin takes about ten minutes, and users can even elect to have status reports emailed directly to their inboxes. Infer's automated form monitor is a must-have for any marketing operations team and anyone, really, who maintains a site with multiple lead or contact forms.
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