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Hong Kong FPS Woo Payment


Enables FPS payments for your WooCommerce online business. Let users pay quickly with no or low fees by scanning a QR Code on your website. Also displays payment details for manual entry.


  • Generates FPS QR Code based on your Woocommerce payment gateway configuration.
  • Automatically include payment reference in the QR Code if your FPS account has “Ask to Pay” feature enabled.



  • Inspiration for the FPS EMV string generation from https://github.com/nessgor/fps-hk-qrcode
  • The QR codes are generated by PHP QR Code, which is included under the terms of its license.


  1. Move the plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure your FPS account details through Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> Hong Kong Faster Payment System (FPS).
  4. Enable the Payment Gateway through Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments.


  • Title, Description and Payment Reference Guide are the customer facing instructions you can set to anything yo want.
  • Account Id Type, Account Id and Bank Code identify the Payee Account. The QR Code is generated based on this information.
  • Ask to Pay Enabled: If this feature is enabled, a reference number will be automatically generated and included in the QR Code. You need to contact your bank to use this feature. If this feature is NOT enabled the customer is presented with an automatically generated reference code and asked to enter it when completing the payment using the bank’s FPS app.


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Журнал змін


  • First Release


  • QR Code quality improved
  • Mobile phonen number format example included


  • Invalid QR code problems fixed


  • Output QR Code at a higher priority during WP startup
  • Form validation for the Payment Gateway settings


  • Bug fixes


  • Optional QRCode caching added


  • Bugfix


  • QRCodes always cached to disk due to browser incompatibility issues with dynamic generation.
  • Fixed bug preventing headers to be output on some systems


  • Minor bugfixes


  • base64 encoded png qrcode