Health Check & Troubleshooting


This plugin will perform a number of checks on your WordPress installation to detect common configuration errors and known issues, and also allows plugins and themes to add their own checks.

Розділ налагодження, який дозволяє збирати інформацію про вашу WordPress і конфігурацію сервера, які ви можете легко обмінюватися з представниками підтримки для тем, плагінів або на офіційних форумах підтримки

Troubleshooting allows you to have a clean WordPress session, where all plugins are disabled, and a default theme is used, but only for your user until you disable it or log out.

The Tools section allows you to check that WordPress files have not been tampered with, that emails can be sent, and if your plugins are compatible with any PHP version updates in the future.

Більш широкий приклад того, як ефективно використовувати плагін Health Check, ознайомтеся з довідковою сторінкою команди підтримки про цей плагін .

Feedback is welcome both through the forums, the GitHub project page, or on Slack in either #forums or #core-site-health.


  • Екран перевірки стану здоров'я після автоматичного тестування системи.
  • Розгортається інформація з налагодження з полем копіювання та вставки.
  • Набір інструментів для діагностики вашого сайту.
  • Майстерня WordPress при ввімкненому режимі вирішення проблем

Часті питання

Я не можу отримати доступ до свого сайту після ввімкнення режиму Усунення несправностей

Якщо ви з будь-якої причини застрягнете в режимі Усунення Несправностей, його можна легко вимкнути, очистивши файли cookie.

Ви не знаєте, як очистити файли cookie? Не хвилюйтеся, ви також можете закрити всі вікна веб-переглядача або перезавантажити комп’ютер, і це автоматично очистить файли cookie.

The PHP compatibility says this plugin only work with PHP version X?

The plugin is made to be a support tool for as many users as possible, this means it needs code that is written for older sites as well.

Tools that check for PHP compatibility do not know how to separate this code from the real code, so it will give a false positive response.

At this time, the plugin has been tested with every version of PHP from 5.2 through 7.3, and works with all of these.


I am glad this plugin exists. It is great to see at a glance if something is wrong or at least not optimal. I haven't used the troubleshooting mode yet, I mostly look at the warnings and recommendations. But after I tried this plugin on one site and was able to remedy some problems, I immediately installed it on all my WordPress sites. It would be good at times to have a little bit more explanation as to what is actually going on or what steps to take to improve something. But I also understand that some errors and problems are very complex and can have all kinds of reasons (like the Rest API encountering an error).
I had no troubles with this. I found out in a few minutes that my problem was related to my theme, and not any of my plugins. Now I can move on to solving the problem. All this without any visitors noticing any changes on the web site. Highly recommended if you're having an issue with your site!
Works great with the small exception of a false positive for Background Checks are not Working - I can live with that. Great addition to my monthly maintenance checklist. Favorited.
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Журнал змін


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.4


  • Fix missing headers for a loopback request in the debug section


  • Fixed SQL version checks for various MariaDB installs.
  • Fixed a warning being generated in logfiles for first-time users with no existing Site Health history.
  • Added missing translation function for the new PHP compatibility tool.


  • Fix a bug when viewing the Site Health page if enabling the Health Check plugin in troubleshooting mode.
  • Fix an inconsistency with how database versions are checked.
  • Fix the file comparison view on Windows systems if there are modified core files.
  • Fix a bug where some premium plugins could not be enabled in troubleshooting mode
  • Improved styles for older browsers.
  • Improved the PHP module checks to allow for constant checks as well. Should help with some edge case tests.
  • Improved the core file integrity checker.
  • Improved testing of WP_cron, now works properly for those running a “real cron” outside of WordPress.
  • Improved the htaccess rule test to only run if using an Apache server that supports these.
  • Modify the Site Health grading indicator.
  • Modified strings to make them clearer.
  • Added server headers to the Debug information.
  • Added polyfills for core features from WordPress 5.2 so they work for older sites.
  • Added a link to the Site Health page from the plugin overview.
  • Added a custom capability, view_site_health_checks for the plugin.
  • Added support for parent/child theme output in the Debug screen.
  • Added system user information to the Debug information.
  • Added a Site Health test for timezone localization.
  • Added mbstring and json (again) as requirements to the list of PHP extensions.
  • Added a missing toggle to the list of plugins/themes to the troubleshooting dashboard widget.
  • Added bulk actions to enable or disable plugins when troubleshooting, or to initiate troubleshooting mode.
  • Added plugin compatibility checker ot the tools section.
  • Added a dashboard widget to show your Site Health status at a glance when logging in.
  • Added filters for Site Health test results.
  • Added WP-CLI support, you can now run wp health-check status for a list of test and their status.
  • Moved compatibility functions out of primary files and into a compat.php so they can be conditionally loaded.
  • Disable the Fatal Error (WSOD) protection in WordPress while in troubleshooting mode.