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Democratized web security with the best website firewall: The best WordPress Security Firewall designed for everyone, from beginners to security experts. With powerful features that are effortlessly accessible, it’s user-friendly for those new to web application security. The 1-Click Setup simplifies complex settings, instantly blocking most malicious traffic. Whether you’re a novice or a guru, GENIUS PLUGIN Firewall ensures seamless website security, letting you focus on your tasks.

N°1 Saas Multi-Cloud WAF

Our Firewall is like no other. No need for complex server, proxy, or DNS changes, or a solution hosted on the same server (vulnerable to exploitation). Genius Plugin is a SaaS and multi-cloud firewall. It’s not hosted on your website, nor is it just a cloud solution or dependent on complex DNS or server settings. It does not relay on a single cloud provider. It’s multi-cloud, powerful yet easy to use. It’s as if it’s omnipresent yet elusive.

Mobile Dashboard

Accessible from anywhere, anytime, our mobile dashboard offers easy monitoring and adjustment of settings and security rules. With your world cyber-security map and history panel, keep track of live access from legitimate users, administrators, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Website Firewall Privacy Revolution

With traditional CDN/DNS website firewalls, the provider has the capability to inspect and manipulate all your data passing through the firewall, including sensitive information like passwords, client details, invoices, and emails. Users typically can just try to rely on the trustworthiness and integrity of the WAF provider. We are the FIRST solution to offer unparalleled granular user control over data transmission by allowing transparent and direct filtering of each POST and HEADER variable within the plugin code, in addition to allowing users to selectively activate or deactivate the transmission of various data types, such as POST, HEADER, SESSION ID.

Simple Access Sharing

Token-based authentication simplifies access management to the admin website side (backoffice) by providing administrators with unique links instead of complex keys. These links grant quick and secure access to sensitive resources without requiring static IPs, dedicated VPNs, or direct access to the firewall dashboard. This approach streamlines access distribution, allowing for easy sharing, revocation, and renewal of access privileges as needed.

Free for all

Our commitment to democratizing website security is unwavering. We not only strive to provide free firewall protection to as many sites as possible but also offer our Pro plan free of charge for at least one year to non-profit organizations in need of securing their websites. Despite the significant costs involved, we’re continually expanding our server nodes globally to serve more website owners effectively. Our goal is to increase the percentage of secured websites from the current 83% and combat the surge in cybercrime, which has risen by 600% since the start of the pandemic.

IP Behavior Monitoring

GP Website Security Firewall actively monitors millions of IP behaviors, allowing you to restrict access based on country, network, single IP, VPN, proxy, Tor, relay, and IPs with a bad reputation. Ensure risk-free access for search engines and well-known websites.

Groundbreaking Protection Features

Experience groundbreaking and exclusive protection features worldwide: Safeguard precisely the data you choose, ensuring the security of your sensitive information without sharing it. Our cloud firewall operates seamlessly without requiring changes to your domain’s DNS or hosting it with us.

About 50 Features:
Automatic Traffic Filtering
Enhanced Privacy and Data Protection
Custom Firewall Rules
Page Requests Rate Limiting by Time
Search Engines Whitelisting/Blacklisting
Host Whitelisting/Blacklisting
Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
Security Notifications/Alerts
Security Analytics/Reporting
Live World Cyber Attack Map
…and much more

For those interested in exploring all features in detail, they can visit this link.

Genius Plugin Firewall Service

Genius Plugin Firewall leverages a powerful Multi-Cloud Software as a Service (SAAS) platform to enhance the security of your WordPress website. Our SAAS service provides a comprehensive set of features and functionalities designed to safeguard your site from various online threats. Below is an overview of the key aspects of our service:

Real-Time Threat Detection

Our plugin employs advanced threat detection mechanisms to identify and mitigate potential security risks in real-time. By continuously monitoring your website’s traffic, we can promptly respond to emerging threats and ensure the safety of your online presence.

Robust Firewall Protection

Experience unparalleled firewall protection. We implement industry-leading firewall rules and continuously update them to adapt to evolving security landscapes. This proactive approach ensures that your website remains shielded from the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Intelligent Traffic Filtering

Say goodbye to unwanted traffic and malicious requests. Our SAAS service filters incoming traffic intelligently, distinguishing between legitimate users and potential threats. This not only enhances your site’s security but also contributes to optimal performance.

Live WORLD Cyber Attack Map

The Live World Cyber Attack Map provides real-time visualization of website or application access hits in an interactive and graphical format. This powerful tool allows users to stay informed about incoming traffic and potential attacks, helping them to proactively respond and stay ahead of security threats.

The map displays the top 20 new access points, highlighting the 10 latest sources of both legitimate visitors and potential attacks. With its visually appealing Network Operations Center (NOC) view, some customers have even utilized this feature to showcase or communicate their website traffic in an impressive manner. It serves as a comprehensive overview, allowing users to understand the overall picture of their web traffic and take necessary measures to ensure the security and stability of their online presence.

Captcha human challenge

This function can be enabled for visitors which are about to be denied access by your ruleset, but still you give them a chance to visit your website, only if they have not tried to cross your website firewall “red lines”. CAPTCHAs are used to weed out bots with a test meant to be easy for humans and hard for bots. We use hCaptcha as it’s the only one with privacy focus and complies with GDPR, LGPD, PIPL, CCPA. It protects your services from scraping, credential stuffing, account takeovers, spam and more with AI technology. It uses simple tasks and takes less time for most users while stopping more bot traffic.

Red lines ambush

Red lines ambush are hidden limits you set, beyond which, the visitor is simply denied access temporarily or permanently.
How many pages can a human visit per minute? 1, 5, 10, 15.. sure no more. This is one of the red lines you can trace, so that malicious behaviors are ambushed.
How many times a visitor can try to access pages that does not exist, or that you don’t want him to access to, before you ban him temporarily?
How many times a visitor attempts to make bad requests, you previously determined as being bad requests, for example, because the url address contains prohibited words or requests, before he is denied access?
What is the ultimate number of bad behaviour records, beyond which, the visitor is “killed” permanently?
We made red lines ambush so fast and easy to use, yet so powerful, that you will enjoy seeing malicious persons and robots fell into ambushes.

Data Privacy and Encryption

The Website Firewall is specifically crafted to prioritize privacy, confidentiality, and data protection, offering an array of features and actions to secure sensitive information.
Contrary to the majority of competitors, clients maintain control over the data sent from the WAF setting console (dashboard) and the plugin code before actual transmission, distinguishing Genius Plugin from its counterparts. Users can selectively activate or deactivate the transmission of various data types, such as POST content, often containing sensitive information. Additionally, they have the ability to enable or disable the sending of HEADER data associated with each request, along with the option to activate or deactivate user intelligence tracking.
Genius Plugin stands out as the first Firewall providing the capability to transparently and directly filter each POST and HEADER variable within the plugin code, offering unparalleled granular user control over the data sent to the firewall.
To ensure privacy compliance, we leverage hCaptcha as the human challenge system. hCaptcha adheres to privacy-focused regulations such as GDPR, LGPD, PIPL, and CCPA, assuring the protection of user data. For more information about the hCaptcha third-party service: For more information about its terms of use and privacy policies, please visit respectively and
A pivotal privacy-enhancing measure is that GP Firewall does not retain any POST, HEADER, or user tracking intelligence data. It analyzes the data on the fly, storing only the visitor’s IP and the URL request, minimizing the risk of data exposure. Only a few essential fragments of attacks are retained to empower users to enhance their website protection.

In an additional layer of data safeguarding, rulesets, which may contain fragments of visitor data (IP & URL), are not retained for more than 60 days. This ensures that potentially sensitive information is not stored longer than necessary.
Please visit our Privacy Policy

Beyond the crucials

3 crucials facts about firewalls:
• A website or service protected by a firewall, where the entire code is open and hosted on your website, can be easely analyzed. However, this approach may be vulnerable, as hackers may have already bypassed the code, or it may have limited capabilities due to resource consumption… logic!
• If you rely on a WAF solution that requires you to use a CDN or change your domain nameservers, you could be sending sensitive information such as passwords, client details, invoices, and emails, and relying solely on the trustworthiness and integrity of the WAF provider.
• Security experts shun CDNs as firewalls due to various risks. Avoid being misled by marketing tactics and try to google “public cdn risks” for more details.

Service Terms of Use

Please visit our Terms of Use for detailed information about the terms and conditions.


  • Plugin Page on Wordpress
  • Firewall Dashboard
  • Website Cyber Security World Map


Automatic Installation

If you prefer a hassle-free installation process, WordPress can take care of it effortlessly within your browser.
1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Navigate to the “Plugins” menu.
3. Search for “Genius Plugin Firewall.”
4. Click “Install Now,” and let WordPress handle the rest.
5. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

Manual Installation

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, follow these steps:
1. Extract the contents of the gpf-firewall plugin.
2. Upload the entire gpf-firewall folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

After Activation

Protect your website:
1. Visit the plugin settings page (Settings -> GP Firewall).
2. Enter your “License Token” to activate the service. To get a free license visit the Genius Plugin
3. Tick the “Front Side” checkbox to enable firewall protection on the front side.
4. Tick the “Back Side” checkbox to enable firewall protection on the back side.
5. Click “Save” to preserve your changes.

Часті питання

Is this plugin free?

Yes! This plugin is 100% free and open source.

Why Genius Plugin is the best WordPress security firewall?

Simply because it’s elite protection, effortless setup!

Where can i get more information about GP Website Firewall solution?

You can explore the GP Cloud knowledge base with over 100 help sections and FAQs, chat with a support agent if we are live right now, or raise a support ticket if you already have an account with us. Alternatively, you can email us your questions using the dedicated form on our website.
For more information please visit Genius Plugin


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