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GG Bought Together for WooCommerce


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GG Bought Together is a powerful & easy to create frequently bought product on a single product page.
This Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plays an important role in your WooCommerce shop to boost sales and increase profits from cross-selling marketing strategy drastically.
When using WooCommerce Bought together, your shop can suggest related products automatic for assistant to additional purpose & usage.
It’s a smart way to introduce products to better customers’ experience in your shop.

Powerful features of GG Frequently Bought Together for WooComerce:

  • Advanced search with SKU, title, phrase or sentence
  • Set discount pricing with percentage for bought together
  • Easily WooCommerce Bought Together Setting
  • Flexible Bought together Function supports
  • Disable/Enable Main Product in cart
  • Display product thumbnail image
  • Show price
  • Showcase variation for product
  • Detail product
  • Recalculate main price
  • Main Price selector
  • Change quantity in cart page
  • Set limit of product search showcase
  • Default products
  • Bad Keyword
  • Allow categories
  • Number of default products
  • Sort by
  • Sort order
  • Mapping category
  • Simple Installation

Detail outstanding features of GG Bought Together

Variable product supported
GG Bought Together supports varable products.

Advanced search with SKU, title, phrase or sentence
When adding new frequently bought together product, this plugin allows to search SKU, title,phrase or sentence.

Set discount pricing with percentage for bought together
Admin is able to set the discount ( percentage or amount) of frequently bought items. – smart way to push sale for your store.

Easily WooCommerce Bought Together Setting
By using Woocommerce Bought Together plugin, you can set general information as position, show main product, thumbnail, …

Flexible position settings
Freely to show position for frequently bought together: before, after, …

Show main product, thumbnail, price, variation product
After enabling/disabling the button, on the product page, you can show/hide the product bought together when added to cart.

Set frequently bought together for specific products
On each product, you can set frequently bought together for specific product by edit product detail .

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Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended
  • WooCommerce version 3.6.


There is some problems and it’s not finished yet, but it looks promising for now.
It does everything that’s advertised and Things other modules charge to have…. Absolutely recommended. I would only add The customer chance to Zoom the Image of the suggested product added without leaving the current one, and the chance for the admin to check only one as default besides all of the added ones…. BUT THANKS, Thanks to de devs…
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