Frequently Bought Together Product For Woocommerce


Frequently Bought Together Product For Woocommerce using for puchase more one one product with heavy discount in woocommmerce to make ideal for boost Woocommerce Sales.

Frequently Bought Together Product For Woocommerce make to multiple product add to cart its also know as Woocommerce Combo Product.

Many of customer can be attract to one product related to another for Example

✍ Example: When I buy a smartphone, I may buy a charger or a case along with it. But how can I determine what fits best to my smartphone? Our Woocommerce plugin answers this question.

You can manually assign frequently bought together (FBT) products OR, and that might be more interesting, our plugin automatically matches bought together products via Cart or Purchased algorithm


  • Easy to use
  • Creating bundles from simple products
  • Multiple Layout
  • Option to enable/disable Frequently Bought Together Plugin
  • Custom Place on working
  • Price Discount In Bulk
  • Ordering of Product Group
  • Creating bundles from product variations
  • Custom Position
  • Default products, change quantity, check default products options.
  • Some text translate options.
  • Change all color options.
  • Displaying bundles under a description and a product regular price
  • Unlimited number of suggested products for each single product
  • Variation Product also work
  • Easy Integration
  • WPML Support

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Frequently Bought Together Product For Woocommerce is translated into multiple languages Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, and many more. Help localize Product List Field For Woocommerce even further by adding your locale Language. Click Here


  • Frequently Bought Together Product Settings.
  • Frequently Added Setting
  • Layout1 look like this
  • Layout2 look like this

Часті питання

How To Frequently Bought Together Product For Woocommerce

Customers often consider buying products that are suggested as frequently bought together. This feature not just suggests them to buy additional products, but often works as a reminder to them, for buying those additional products that they’d need to have, along with the given Woocommerce Product Bundles.


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