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Find Me On


The Find Me On sidebar widget displays icons for all of your social network profiles. Includes 73 Social Network options, 16px or 32px icon size, and three icon styles, including sexy-style.

NEW Supported Networks:
* Apple NEW!
* BrightKite NEW!
* Facebook Fan Pages NEW!
* Diigo NEW!
* Friendster NEW!
* Google Talk NEW!
* Google Wave NEW!
* Identi.ca NEW!
* Hi5 NEW!
* Imeem NEW!
* iLike NEW!
* Jaiku NEW!
* Koornk NEW!
* LiveJournal NEW!
* MyYearbook NEW!
* Multiply NEW!
* Photobucket NEW!
* Plaxo Pulse NEW!
* Posterous NEW!
* Present.ly NEW!
* Radar NEW!
* Seesmic NEW!
* Sixent NEW!
* Stumble Upon NEW!
* Technorati NEW!
* Vimeo NEW!
* Typepad NEW!
* Utterli NEW!
* WordPress NEW!
* Xing NEW!
* Yahoo Meme NEW!
* Yahoo Profile NEW!
* Yammer NEW!

Supported Networks:
* Amazon Wishlist
* Bebo
* Bitbucket
* Blogger
* BlogMarks
* Dapx
* Delicious

* Digg
* Disqus
* Ebay
* Facebook
* Flickr
* FriendFeed
* Github
* GoodReads
* Google Profile

* Google Reader
* Hellotxt
* Hyves.nl
* Jeqq
* Last.fm
* LinkedIn
* MySpace
* Ning NEW!
* Orkut
* Picasa Web Album
* Plurk
* Qype
* RedGage
* Shoutem
* StreetMavens
* Tagged
* Tumblr
* Twitter
* Vox
* Xanga
* Yelp
* YouTube


  • Find Me On Settings Page
  • Small (16px) Icon Styles
  • Large (32px) Icon Styles


  1. Download the find-me-on.zip file.
  2. From your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Plugins’ \ ‘Add New’ \ Browse to find-me-on.zip \ ‘Install Now.’
  3. WP will upload and install the plugin, then click ‘Activate.’
  4. Click ‘Appearance\Widgets’ and drag the widget to the sidebar you wish to display it in and customize the appearance options.
  5. Click ‘Appearance\Find Me On’ and add your profiles.

Please Note:
You will need to re-add your links for v.2; a bug that caused long URLs to be truncated has been fixed. Future versions will be seamless upgrades.

Часті питання

How do I get another website/service/profile supported?

Please post a comment to my blog with the site you would like to have added. Please include a direct link to a user page on the site if possible.

Additional sites/services will be added in future releases of Find Me On.


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Учасники та розробники

“Find Me On” — проект з відкритим вихідним кодом. В розвиток плагіну внесли свій вклад наступні учасники:


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Журнал змін

  • Fixed issue with jQuery that was causing conflicts with other plugins
  • 2.0.9 Bugfix for WP sites not installed in site root
  • 2.0.8 Bugfix w/conflicting plugins
  • 2.0.7 Added link options, _blank/_self + onclick options
  • 2.0.6 Added Widget title on settings page
  • 2.0.3 Updated unneeded images, minor bug fix.
  • 2.0 Major rewrite, added 2x networks, completely new management page
  • 1.1 “Fixed” AJAX Loading, forces page reload
  • 1.0 First Release