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Event Importer for Meetup and The Events Calendar


Automatically import events from Meetup.com into The Events Calendar.

To get started, make sure that you have The Events Calendar plugin (by Modern Tribe) installed. This plugin will not do anything without it!

This plugin relies on WP Cron to run the import on a schedule, so it will not work if you have disabled WP Cron (sometimes this is done in wp-config.php).

After you have both plugins installed, you need to configure a couple of settings. First navigate to Events -> Import in your Dashboard. From there you can input your Meetup.com API Key and choose the post status that should be used for imports.

Next, click on the “Meetup.com” tab. From there you can fill in the URL for a Meetup group, select the Event Categories you want it to be mapped to, and hit “Add Recurring Import”. This will schedule a script to run twice a day to import the upcoming events from that group into The Events Calendar. You can add as many groups as you’d like.

This is an early release of this plugin, so it’s a little barebones. Help make it better by contributing yourself – see below!


You can contribute to development of the plugin on Github. Please don’t use the repo for technical support. Pull requests will be welcomed for bug fixes and other improvements. Let me know before you start developing a new feature so that we can discuss it.

This plugin is built using the generator-plugin-wp Yo generator built by WebDevStudios.


I am not affiliated with Meetup, Inc or Modern Tribe (developers of The Events Calendar). This plugin is not endorsed, sponsored, or certified by Meetup, Inc or Modern Tribe. I really hope they like it though.


  • On the main import settings screen you can set your Meetup.com API Key and the default status of imported events.
  • On the Meetup.com import tab, you can set up recurring imports. Enter the URL of the meetup group and choose Event Categories that its events will be a part of.


Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire /event-importer-for-meetup-and-the-events-calendar directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Event Importer for Meetup and The Events Calendar through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


03.09.2016 1 reply
I was using WP Meetup which is good but did not give me as much control over the events and listings as I wanted, including for translations of text displayed by the plugin. By integrating with Events Calendar this plugin avoids a lot of those issues by focusing on simply importing the events and letting the events calendar do the rest. Being able to have the venues synced and shown on Google maps, the organizer picked up automatically and a bunch of touches like this make this a job well done! If I may impose here, I would love to see a way to do the following: - Import old events - An option to have to toggle that imported events will set the flags to show the google map and link
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  • Bug fix: multiple venues were not importing correctly


  • Add option to display an event’s Meetup.com link


  • Add screenshots to readme.


  • Map event categories on import, update readme, code cleanup


  • Update plugin name and readme


  • Initial public release