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Editable Recipe


EditableRecipe lets you add, formatted recipes to your food blog. You own your content – this plugin does not cross­post your recipe to another site, nor does it store your content on a central server. All of your data is stored locally on your site.

EditableRecipe lets you add recipes to posts on your blog. We’ve been using this plugin on our site for several years, and figured it’s finally time to let other people try it out. I’ve had quite a few bloggers ask which plugin we use. Nothing out there really seems to do the job without uploading your recipe someplace, but why would go and steal peoples recipes like that? EditableRecipe will never upload any data to a central server. All your recipes are stored locally on your site.

Easy to Use

  • Simply insert the short code [editablerecipe] in your blog post, where you want the recipe to display.
  • The recipe editor is on the Add/Edit post page so you can easily switch between editing the post and the recipe without navigating pages and potentially losing changes.
  • Adding ingredients is easy – you can add as many ingredients at once as you want, putting each ingredient on its own line.
  • Converting from another format or plugin? Copy and paste the ingredient and instructions text into the respective boxes for quick “conversion” from another plugin.
  • Formatting the instructions is easy – it uses the same editor (tinyMCE) that you already use to compose your post in WordPress.
  • Want to generate a text­only version so your readers can print? Upgrade to premium and get the ability to:
    • Print text­only recipes.
    • Add ad tags to the print page, increasing your pageviews, ad impressions, and ad revenue.


Adding hrecipe tags can help improve your Google search rankings. When Google recognizes your formatted text as a recipe, you will get your recipe image next to the search result.


  • Example of what a cookie recipe might look like. Taken from FoodieBride.
  • The plugin supports the hRecipe markup, so if Google likes you, your recipe might look like this.
  • Entering the name, photo, and ingredients
  • Enter the instructions, yield, source, duration, and summary.


  1. Unzip the editableRecipe-.zip
  2. Upload the editableRecipe to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Go to a post/page and enter the recipe, then add the shortcode [editablerecipe].

Часті питання

Can I have more than one recipe in a post?

No, however you can separate a recipe into difference parts. For example, if you have a cupcake and icing recipe, you can separate the cupcake ingredients from the icing ingredients by adding a heading to each. To do this, you add an asterisk () in front of the heading in the ingredients box. “For the cupcakes:” will format the phrase as a heading and not an ingredient. (See screenshots.)

Can I print with this plugin?

This is offered in the premium version.


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