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Easy WP Members A Membership & Subscriptions Plugin – Posts, Pages and Partial Content Protection.

Цей плагін не перевірявся з останніми 3-ма основними випусками WordPress. Можливо, він більше не може розроблятися або підтримуватися, і він може мати проблеми сумісності при використанні з більш новими версіями WordPress.

Easy WP Members A Membership & Subscriptions Plugin – Posts, Pages and Partial Content Protection.


Easy WP Members plugin was developed to help you receive earnings from your WordPress website, manage members, create subscription plans and restrict access to premium content can be done with few clicks.

Building a subscriptions website by using this plugin is easy and you just need a PayPal account. Easy WP Members is a full-featured membership plugin for WordPress that allows you to restrict partial content or restrict entire posts and pages.

You will be able to create membership plans and start selling within minutes. You can restrict access to premium content based on the membership level of the user, roles, post type and categories.

Content Accessibility:

This is an essential part of the plugin and we have implemented useful restriction options. You can make a post visible to only certain roles. Also, you can display posts or pages to only logged in users.

The capability to allow members to purchase multiple subscriptions is available on pro versions as well.

This is a powerful feature that gives you even more control of what your members can see based on the different subscription levels you offer.

The plugin offers four different protection methods:

1) – Protect entire posts and pages. You can set a custom message to display when the members try to access to the protected post. Also, you can set a custom title and even hide the entire post from the website.

2) – Logged in Members Protection. This method will make either posts or pages visible to logged in members only.

3) – Membership Protection. You can make posts and pages visible to only certain subscription plans.

4)Partial Content Protection. This allows you to hide just part of a post’s content. This is useful to let your members access to just a small section of your content without hiding the whole post.

Simple to install and configure – yet customizable and scalable!

Recurring Payments:

You’ll be able to track how many subscribers you have, when they’re being billed, and how much revenue you’re generating from the recurring payments — which means you’ll always know how much revenue your subscription website can count on as you continue to grow.

WooCommerece Integration:

The plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce giving your users a fantastic experience when checking the status of their orders. By installing the WooCommerce extension, your user will be able to manage their orders, update billing and shipping information directly from the Easy WP Members User’s Dashboard.

Membership Payments:

Accept PayPal payments from your subscribers. You can keep track of all member payments, payment statuses and purchased subscription plans.

The plugin comes with a clear user’s panel that allows your subscribers to check their payments easily. This is important because not only the admin will be able to control the payments history, but the members as well.

Read about all of the plugin’s features at Easy WP Members



Easy WP Members has a range of extensions that allow you to extend the power of your membership website.

  • Content Dripping – This add-on allows you to release content at regular intervals. You can create your custom schedule for your content.
  • Stripe – This add-on allows your members enter their credit card details without having to leave your site, resulting in a better experience for your members, and more successful conversions for you.
  • AWeber – This will help you to start with your e-mail marketing campaign. It will add a checkbox to the registration form and ask users to register for your newsletter/e-mail list.
  • Recurring Payments – This add-on allows you to sell subscriptions with recurring payments, you can charge your members daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • WooCommerce – By installing this add-on, you can restrict products and allow your members to check their orders through Easy WP Members Client’s Dashboard
  • reCaptcha – With this add-on you will be able to add Google’s secure and user friendly reCaptcha verification in order to avoid bot spam registrations.
  • Multiple Subscriptions Per User – It allows your members to sign up for multiple subscription plans. For example a member can purchase Silver and Platinum plans at the same time.
  • Restrict Content By User Roles – Display content based on user roles. Example: Post A is visible to subscribers, Posts C & D are visible to administrators only.
  • Password Strength – You can help to protect your users by managing and monitoring the strength of their passwords.



  • reCaptcha – This will help you to prevent spam, it’s free.




  1. Upload easy-wp-members to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Часті питання

Can My Members Pay Using a Credit Card?

Yes, the lite version comes with PayPal standard integration. However if you need to take payments directly in your own website you will need a premium add-on.

Click here to check the Stripe add-on for Easy WP Members

Is there an online documentation?

Yes, Click here

Do you offer free support?

Yes, Click here

Do you offer a PRO version?

Yes, Click here


23.07.2019 1 reply
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14.03.2018 1 reply
This is a new plugin with high potential, well documented and easy to setup, but, the reason I am recommending it is because it has PayPal integration for free, most of the plugins around the WordPress repository charge for this must-have option. Most of them allow you to manage subscriptions but not receiving payments. This one offers PayPal for free, I like the admin and members interphase. In other words, I can start receiving some incomes without spending and then upgrading once I’ve built my subscriptions. I’ve just contacted the author to let him know about some minor tweaks, they replied fast and will include the improvements on the next version. Good luck with the plugin.
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1.3 (10-01-2021)

Improvements for Stripe Payment Processor.
Improvements for WP version 5.8

1.2 (04-04-2021)

Tweaks for WP 5.7

1.1.9 (01-09-2021)

Tweaks for WP 5.6
Security has been improved by adding nonce. Please update

1.1.8 (12-12-2020)

Tweaks for WP 5.6
PHP Warning messages fixed.
Security has been improved.

1.1.7 (09-23-2019)

Tweaks for WP 5.5
PHP Warning messages fixed.

1.1.5 (11-01-2019)

Tweaks for WP 5.3
PHP Warning messages fixed.

1.1.4 (09-01-2019)

Tweaks for WP 5.2
PHP Warning messages fixed.

1.1.3 (01-01-2019)

Tweaks for WP 5.2

1.1.2 (01-10-2019)

Tweaks for WP 5.0

1.1.0 (09-06-2018)

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1.0.9 (04-06-2018)

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1.0.8 (04-05-2018)

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1.0.7 (03-21-2018)

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1.0.6 (03-19-2018)

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1.0.5 (03-14-2018)

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1.0.4 (03-11-2018)

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1.0.3 (03-06-2018)

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  • Initial release