Easy Product Exporter


All of your WooCommerce products may be exported in XML and CSV formats. There are choices for simple, external/affiliate variable, grouped, and simple product export for WooCommerce export products. WooCommerce Product Export is simple. Basic, aggregated, external/affiliate variable, grouped, and simple product data may all be exported to Excel and CSV with only one click.


The plugin works based on the WooCommerce Parent plugin.

Features of Easy Product Exporter

  • The Product Grid adds a single button to export a single product.

  • The Product table includes an export button that can be used to export all of the products, including children and attachments.

  • The check box is selected by the product grid, and all selected products are exported after clicking the export button. 

  • The easy product exporter shows two file kinds that are available for exporting the product.

  • If you have exported products in the csv and xml file types


  • Product Grid Table
  • Choose a file type from the pop menu. 


  1. Install Easy Product Exporter by uploading the easy-product-exporter directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Часті питання

Does this plugin work with PHP 8?


Is this plugin working with the latest WordPress versions?

Yes, It is compatible with the latest WordPress.

Is it compatible with Free/Premium themes?

Yes, It is compatible with Free/Premium themes.


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