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EasyAddons for Elementor page builder Is One of the Best Elementor Addons That Comes With some Elementor Free Widgets. And EasyAddons Elementor widgets are not limited to customizations. All the Elementor widget is stand out from other third-party elementor addons widgets in terms of flexibility of customizations. EasyAddons for Elementor (button, flip card, timeline, testimonial and team member) will broaden your elementor related designing skills. So try Easy Elementor Addon to create amazing Elementor Websites.

Completely Customizable

Each element comes with a bunch of options to customize your website in every possible way. You can achieve nearly any design with your imagination.

Elements Control Option

Enable and disable individual elements to make your page loading faster and smoother. You can deactivate unnecessary widgets to keep the site lite.

Free Widgets

  1. Button
  2. Flip Card
  3. Team Member
  4. Timeline
  5. Testimonial

More features and improvements are coming on regular updates.


  • Elements Dashboard
  • Flip Card hover styles
  • Team Members
  • Timeline


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  • Added: New Testimonial Widget


  • Added: New Timeline Widget
  • Added: Team overlay Background Customization Option


  • Update readme file


  • Added: Team member widget


  • Added: Flip Card hover styles


  • Initial release