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Dynamic Product Titles for Variant Options


This is a simple plugin that when ‘active’, will allow users on your site to dynamically change a variant product title on the product page to show the selected variant option name at the end of the default title.

Key Features

  • Once active, the plugin will automatically apply its magic to all product titles across your site.
  • Simple products appear as default (un-changed).
  • Variant products now change their titles based on the variant option selected and adds the attribute name to the end.

Example Use

‘ProductA’ which has the attribute ‘Colour’ with ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ as options, would see a default title of: ‘ProductA’, but when the first variant option is selected, the title would change to ‘ProductA – Blue’, and when the second variant option is selected, the title would change to ‘ProductA – Red’.

Note: If the default value is selected again after a variant has already been selected, the default title will again be used.


  • Simple products as well as variant products without an option selected will show the default product title.
  • Once a variant option has been selected, the product title will dynamically add the selected varaint option attribute value/s to the end.
  • Changing varaint options will continue to change the product title shown.


  1. Upload the entire ‘dynamic-product-titles-for-variant-options’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it – The plugin should now be working on your site!

Часті питання

Does this plugin support more than one attribute per variant option?


At present, the default divider used between the product title and the variant option/s is ‘ – ‘, to give a result along the lines of ‘ProductA – Red’.

This is the default behaviour in order to support multi-attribute varaints, for example ‘ProductA – Red – Large’.

In future versions, I would like to add the ability for this value to be changed to better cater to users needs: for example changing it to ‘ in ‘ would work better when using colours, e.g. ‘ProductA in Red’, but would not currently be a good default as it would give odd results such as ‘ProductA in Red in Large’.

Will there be any updates in the future?

Yes, if enough people show interest in this plugin then. Support for the plugin will be based on the demand for support.

Where can I give feedback/request new features?

If you’d like to leave us any feedback or have some suggestions for new features, please email network@umbrellatrading.co.uk


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  • FIX – Updated ‘readme.txt’ – Only missing a screenshot section now.
  • FIX – Updated all function, define, class and namespace names used in the code to meet with WordPress plugin guidelines and prevent conflict issues with the core WordPress system and all other plugins and themes.
  • DEV – Removed unused code from plugin files.


  • DEV – Plugin Released