Rotation Tournaments


Rotation Tournaments provides a platform for organizing all kinds of sports Singles and Doubles Tournaments, e.g.

  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Padel
  • Badminton
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Squash

In Rotation Tournaments, each participant plays against every other participant and there are no eliminations in individual rounds. To maximize the variety of match combinations, the matches are typically played in a single set.

The Rotation Tournaments have a strong social aspect because its goal is to keep players in the tournament until the very end. The situation where weaker players would leave the tournament due to elimination rounds is eliminated. It allows grouping players into a special category with special conditions. This special setting can be utilized, for example, in mixed tournaments.

The participants of a tournament change partners several times during the tournament by a random selection and play against different players. The ratio of games won to games lost is calculated for each participant. The winner of the tournament is the player with this highest ratio. While a Singles Rotation Tournament can be organized without the aid of technology, in the case of a Doubles Rotation Tournament, this is not possible.


General Features:

  • Seamless scheduling of matches.
  • Real-time score tracking.
  • Customizable settings for each tournament.
  • User-friendly interface for administrators and participants.
  • Comprehensive overview of player quality.
  • No downtime during the tournament.
  • Integration with website user accounts.
  • Suitable for various sports: tennis, table tennis, squash, padel, badminton, beach volleyball, and more.

Singles Rotation Tournament:

  • Alternative form of a Singles Tournament where players face each other without elimination rounds.
  • Depending on the time options, everyone plays against everyone.

Doubles Rotation Tournament:

  • Alternative form of a Doubles Tournament where players enter each match with a different partner and in different positions (alternating left and right sides).
  • Rotation of teammates, ensuring variety in partnerships.
  • Individuals can enter the tournament without a permanent teammate.
  • Suitable for odd numbers of players and minimum lineups of 4 players.
  • Define special groups of players with unique conditions.
  • No eliminations, ensuring all players stay in the game.
  • Shorter matches for more participation.
  • Tournament can be interrupted or extended without disruption.
  • Individual players can join or leave the tournament at any time.
  • Ranking based on the ratio of games won to games lost.
  • Announcement of the Best Player and Most Ideal Pair at the end of the tournament.

YouTube demo:

  • Watch a tutorial video on plugin usage:

More information

Visit test page for more information, try to create your own tournament and take a look at Rules of the Doubles Rotation Tournament.


  • Invitation post to the tournament.
  • Registration to the tournament is closed.
  • The game is already in progress.
  • Table of players with running order.
  • Table with matches played.
  • Statistical data according to the selected player.
  • List of available tournaments.
  • Editing tournament parameters.
  • Quick help.
  • Admin settings.
  • Available Shortcodes.
  • Announcement of the winners of the tournament.


  1. Install the plugin as usual.
  2. After activating the plugin, 2 pages will be created. One for managing tournaments (main page) and the other with tournament rules. Next, a post will be created as an example announcing the newly created tournament.
  3. Start by clicking on “Create a new tournament” under “Tournament Selection …” on the main page.
  4. Then you can log in your created tournament and as a tournament´s administrator you can add manually also other players sourced from WP database.
  5. If you have a sufficient amount of players then you can close a registration and start playing matches.
  6. You can change tournament settings on the main page or you can look at 2 new admin pages that are dedicated for overall environmental settings and for description of all possible shortcodes.
  7. At the end close the tournament and look who was announced as the winner.

Часті питання

Does each player have to have an account created on my website?

Yes, each tournament participant must have their own account. If a website has disabled user registration, this account must be created by the website administrator.

Is this plugin suitable for singles tournaments?

Yes. When creating a tournament, you can choose whether to create a singles or a doubles tournament.

What sports tournaments is this plugin for?

This plugin can be used for all types of sports where 2 or 4 players compete in singles or doubles.
You can use this plugin for tennis, table tennis, squash, padel, badminton, beach volleyball and probably for more.


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Журнал змін

1.3.2 – 2024/07/18

  • Add – Admin can change a default value for minimum number of games played before a player can be declared a winner.

1.3.1 – 2024/07/12

  • Add – The ability to specify a minimum number of games played before a player can be declared a winner.

1.3.0 – 2024/07/06

  • Fix – Removing a player from a tournament.

1.2.9 – 2024/06/23

  • Fix – Ready for testing in WP Playground.

1.2.8 – 2024/06/21

  • Fix – Solving some database errors with empty values.

1.2.7 – 2024/06/07

  • Fix – Update for WP Playground.

1.2.6 – 2024/05/29

  • Fix – Improved playmate choose.

1.2.5 – 2024/05/15

  • Fix – Problems with removing players during a game.

1.2.4 – 2024/05/08

  • Fix – A currently playing player can´t be removed.

1.2.3 – 2024/04/19

  • Fix – Fix real count of players after their removing.

1.2.2 – 2024/04/17

  • Fix – Fix an error during removing a player from the tournament.

1.2.1 – 2024/03/21

  • Fix – icon format.

1.2.0 – 2024/03/20

  • Fix – Fixed a bug in the database that prevented a tournament record from being created on some servers.
  • Modification for WP Playground.
  • Fix – Redirection to a tournament in case of a user entry.

1.1.9 – 2024/03/09

  • Fix – Unregistered users can no longer enter results in the singles tournament.

1.1.8 – 2024/03/07

Possibility to remove players from an already ongoing tournament.

1.1.7 – 2024/03/01

  • Fix – If all tournaments were deleted, a new tournament could not be created.
  • New – Optional login prompt.
  • New – If the player has not yet registered for any tournament, it is possible to choose whether to show him a quick help.
  • New – Expanded the ability for tournament administrators to browse through players they have already met at the tournament.

1.1.6 – 2024/02/25

Trial tournament improvements.
Added the option to announce the end of the tournament round.

1.1.5 – 2024/02/20

Improved the visual appearance of the main page.
Badminton added to the list of available tournaments.

1.1.4 – 2024/02/18

Option to announce separate winners from the special group and outside the special group.

1.1.3 – 2024/02/17

Notices after a plugin activation.
Added player trend.

1.1.2 – 2024/02/13

Modified tournament editing tab.
Added option to change tournament type.

1.1.1 – 2024/02/09

Reactivating the plugin doesn´t affect the already deleted tournament example.
Unblock offering maximum games count.
Fix tournament change when entering results.
Added quick help for newcomers.
Allow the final match also for singles.

1.1.0 – 2024/02/04

Added the option for single tournaments.
Created an environment for additional sports.

1.0.4 – 2024/02/02

The administrator can now use ‘hide’ option when editing the match result.
Free score input is allowed. This opens using not only for tennis but for example for table tennis or beach volleyball.

1.0.3 – 2024/01/26

Minor changes in code:
* Allow to transfer organizer rights to a non-playing user.
* Ensuring an even rotation of serves at the start of the tournament.

1.0.2 – 2024/01/21

Fixed choosing between left and right side in first matches.

1.0.1 – 2024/01/03

A small modification of admin screen.

1.0.0 – 2024/01/01

First release to public