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I seldom rate any addon more, than 3 stars, but this one made my day. The most awesome feature about it is the ability to choose, on which page the auto-markup should be disabled, as I have several content editors (not developers), who use this feature, and can’t disable it competely. I thank the developer of this plugin a lot.
When working with The Events Calendar the line breaks in the content of the event view get replaced as a whitespace in the front end! When disabling Don’t Muck My Markup the line breaks in the front end are the same as in the backend. It would be great to have ab “enable or disable function” for different post types / custom post types – that would give the chance to exclude these post types but use the plugin for the rest of the site.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Where have you been the last five miserable years of my WP life? Even the name of this plugin is awesome. Martyn, how do we get you on the WP board of directors so we can build this basic functionality into WP core?
Thank you so much for this plugin. I knew right away…when I saw the clever title…”Don’t Muck My Markup”, that this was surely what I’ve been looking for and is now an essential tool in my WordPress arsenal. So far works perfectly…I think. Man…I was using a tool years ago that helped but stopped working. Then I used a feature in the TinyMCE Advanced editor plugin which also recently seems to not fully help. Then this DMMM plugin did the trick. WTF with the WordPress auto correction crap. Switching from visual composer to plain text and back always cause addition or subtraction of code. WP tries to correct my delicate well thought out html and destroys it lol. NOTE….I needed to disable the TinyMCE editor preserve code feature because it clashed with your plugin….starts to add weird code over and over as I switch views or save. Cheers
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