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Donation Form Block for Stripe


Add a Stripe donation form to your website in a few seconds with the WordPress Donation Form Block for Stripe by GiveWP.

This “lite” version of GiveWP provides you with the style and functionality of a GiveWP form without all the setup. Start accepting Stripe donations immediately. Learn more about how it works in our documentation.

Want more? Use the full GiveWP donation plugin which includes full-featured fundraising reports, a donor database, and unlimited donation forms. Download GiveWP for free from our website.

✨ Block Features

This block provides Stripe donation forms that work great on any device, built for WordPress’ block editor. Once installed, the block is easily inserted into your WordPress website and is designed to be easily customized to fit your needs.

Payments are facilitated using Stripe’s new Payment Element – a simple, secure, and modern payment form. You can easily adjust the payment methods within your Stripe account’s payment method settings.

💳 Why Use Stripe for Donations?

  • 18+ supported payment methods
  • Supports all currencies that Stripe supports
  • Accept credit and debit card donations on your website
  • Supports payment wallets including Google Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Bank redirects, like iDEAL, EPS, Giropay and more. This helps improve conversion rates and reduce fraud with non-US donors.
  • Donate now, Pay Later – Reach customers who want to pay in installments with Klarna and Afterpay.

Additional payment method features:

  • Automatically adjusts input fields to collect information based on the payment method and country.
  • Dynamically sorts payment methods based on a customer’s locale and location to optimize for conversion.
  • Reduces friction for card payments with input validation, masking, styling and error handling.

Additional Features:

The Donation Form Block for Stripe includes extensive customization options. You can easily change the donation amounts, colors, main image, headings, description text, and button text.

  • Fully functional and responsive Stripe donation form that looks good on any device
  • Native block controls for content, color, images, donation options
  • Single Stripe account, so once it’s configured it’s connected for any and all blocks you add to your site
  • Ultra light-weight; guaranteed to not slow down your site
  • Zero database load on your site; adds no tables to your database
  • Conditional script loading only adds the script to the page when the block is actually used
  • Intuitive and simple settings allow for dynamic, visual editing in the block editor
  • Donation receipts are emailed to the donor using Stripe’s email receipt feature

⚙ Customization Options and Settings

This plugin does not add any unnecessary top-level menu items to the WordPress admin. Instead, it adds a block editor options that allow you to customize your donation forms to be unique to your cause.


  • Header Image – Upload a custom header image to be displayed above the donation form
  • Primary Color – The main color of the donation form
  • Donation Amounts – The donation amounts to be displayed on the form

Donation Options

  • Donation Amounts – The donation amounts to be displayed on the form
  • Default Currency – Adjust the currency to be used on the form, use any that Stripe supports


  • Main Heading – The main heading of the donation form
  • Main Sub-heading
  • Fields Heading
  • Donation Button Text

Stripe Connect

  • Connect to Stripe easily without any API key setup.
  • Live/Test Mode toggle for easy testing before accepting live payments.

In order to maintain and support this plugin, GiveWP collects a 2% fee on all transactions. You can upgrade to the full GiveWP plugin with the Stripe add-on to avoid this transaction fee. Learn more here

💡 Use-Cases

  • Add a tip jar or buy me a coffee option to your blog
  • Kickstart your business idea with a donation form
  • Give family and friends a simple way to donate for an event
  • Start fundraising for your nonprofit as quickly as possible
  • Accept Stripe payments for any reason

👩‍💻 Development Notes

Know some code? Great! We love open source contribution. Please visit this plugin’s GitHub repository if you’d like to learn more about how to contribute to the development of this block.

💚 About the GiveWP Team

GiveWP is part of StellarWP, a Liquid Web Family Brands. Our donation plugin is backed by a growing team of WordPress developers, support engineers, customer success managers, and marketing professionals who’ve worked with WordPress and nonprofits since 2009. This means GiveWP is made with best practices in mind; extremely extensible and customizable, stable, and reliable. We’ll be here in years to come for you and your nonprofit organization.

Stay in touch with us for important plugin news and updates:


  • Customize your suggested donation amounts live in the block editor.
  • Powered by Stripe, your form supports multiple payment types, is highly secure, and leverage all the power of Stripe Payment Elements.
  • Sparks of JOY! Enthrall your donors with a confetti POP upon successful donation.


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  • Donation Form Block for Stripe A beautiful donation form block for Stripe by GiveWP. Accept donations in minutes.


Do you have a WordPress website? Great! You can use this block on your site to add a donation form in a few simple steps. Log into your WP-Admin and go to Plugins > Add New. Once there search “Donation Form Block for Stripe by GiveWP.” Once you find the plugin, click “Install Now.”

Alternatively, when in the block editor open up the block editor and click the “Add Block” button. Once there, type “Donation” and you should see the block display in the list of available blocks. Simply click to install and add the block to your page.

Часті питання

How is the WordPress Donation Form Block for Stripe different from a GiveWP Donation Form block?

This block contains a single form with a connection to Stripe. It does not have the additional access to PayPal and other payment gateway options, reporting, donor database, or campaign features that the free download of GiveWP provides. If you would like more information about GiveWP, please visit our website.
Learn More

Is there a “Pro” version of this block with more features?

Yes! GiveWP, is both the “Pro” version while also totally free! It provides a lot more to set up your fundraising website. When you use GiveWP, you also gain the ability to connect our add-ons, which provide features like Recurring Donations, Fee Recovery, Tributes, Gift Aid, and more. Our add-ons also include a more robust Stripe connection that includes options for Google Pay, Apple Pay, and disables the 2% transaction fee that the free Stripe donation form block requires.
Learn About GiveWP or View Stipe Add-on

Does this donation form block support Stripe recurring donations?

Not currently. For access to Stripe donation forms with support for recurring donations, please use GiveWP with our Stripe and Recurring Donations Add-ons. Both are included in a Plus plan and above.
View Pricing


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Журнал змін


  • Fix: Prevent JS error when using the ReCAPTCHA option for the first time. Also resolve PHP notice in PHP 8.0+ causing annoyances.


  • New: 🤖❌ Added an integration with Google reCAPTCHA version 2 to help prevent spam donations.
  • Fix: 🔗 Resolved an issue with Stripe’s “Link” always being enabled regardless of the setting selected.


  • New: 🔗 Added integration with Stripe Link for faster donations. You can enable this new feature under the block’s “Donation Settings” settings panel.
  • Tweak: 🎨 Adjusted CSS for better cross-theme compatibility.


  • New: 🌈 Added pretty Stripe-style focus effects to the input fields for better UX.
  • New: 🙋‍ There is now a new documentation/support element to Gutenberg sidebar for users who need assistance.
  • Tweak: 🎨 Adjusted CSS for better cross-theme compatibility.


  • ✨ New: You can now adjust the default donation amount using an intuitive radio selector on the donation amount repeater field.
  • ✨ New: You can now switch the currency! Yippee. We added support for additional currencies with locale-based formatting.
  • Updated the readme.txt with additional text and descriptions. Props to @taylorfromteamgive for the PR 🎉
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notices on a fresh install related to Stripe keys with conditional.
  • Fix: Allow multiple Stripe payment elements to mount on a single page. This is a rare edge case, but nonetheless it’s possible and now working.


  • 🙅‍ If you’re are a GiveWP active license holder this plugin now will remove the 2% Stripe fee.
  • 🎨 Improved the receipt step’s user experience by preventing a flash of the default amount and step 1. Step 3 is now immediately displayed and the same confetti animation is used.
  • 😎 Donor’s can now edit their donation after moving on to the payment step. The UI also received an improvement.
  • Added app identification for Stripe.


  • Fixed zip issue preventing the rendering of the block.


  • We removed the Stripe PHP SDK and now the plugin to reduce the overall plugin size and PHP footprint.
  • Resolved an issue where an extra space was added before the currency symbol and amount.
  • Fixed PHP 7.4+ syntax that wouldn’t allow the block to run on earlier PHP versions.


  • Initial Release. Yippee!