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Events by Devllo


This is a simple event management plugin for adding and listing your events, show event locations on a map, link to online Event locations. It also integrates with FullCalendar to show a calendar with all events.
You can display events list using the shortcode [devllo-events] and the Calendar using [devllo-calendar]

Create and organize events on your WordPress site with Events by Devllo Plugins. This WordPress calendar plugin works for either in-person or virtual events and showcases proficient features supported by our notable team of developers and designers.


  • Add Event Page showing Event fields.
  • Single Event Page.
  • Event Calendar Page.
  • Event List Page.
  • Events Page.
  • Admin Dashboard Page.


You can install directly from the Plugin Repository using the Plugins system in WordPress.


Upload devllo-events.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


The plugin will automatically create the pages Events and Calendar, if those pages don\’t already exist and add the shortcodes [devllo-events] and [devllo-calendar].
You can manually edit the pages to add these shortcodes.

Часті питання

Where do I find the settings?

Under Events -> Settings
This is where you add the Google Map API

How do I display the events list and Calendar?

The plugin will automatically create the pages Events and Calendar, if those pages don’t already exist and add the shortcodes [devllo-events] and [devllo-calendar].

I found a bug in the plugin.

Please post it in the WordPress support forum and we’ll look into it as soosn as possible.


We used this event plugin on clients’ website, it was simple to use and easy to setup, did what we needed it to without any fuss or cumbersome properties. Thanks to the Devllo team for making this.
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Журнал змін – 01/04/2021

Added action hooks to aid with upcoming add-on integrations

1.0.4 – 22/02/2021

BUG FIX: Fixed styling bug with Divi and other themes
ENHANCEMENT: Added Event Dashboard Page
ENHANCEMENT: New Settings Page design
ENHANCEMENT: Added Event Status on Single Event pages – 17/02/2021

BUG FIX: Fixed error on event links on Events page

1.0.3 – 12/02/2021

Tested and Update WordPress version
BUG FIX: Fixed missing year on single event page
ENHANCEMENT: Added Event Cost Text Box
ENHANCEMENT: Added Date and Time Selector on Event Edit Page – 22/01/2021

BUG FIX: Fixed Gutenberg Publish/Update Error – 21/01/2021

BUG FIX: Fix Add On Menu

1.0.2 – 20/01/2021

BUG FIX: Fix styling error on single event page
ENHANCEMENT: Fix styling on settings page

1.0.1 – 20/09/2020

BUG FIX: Fix styling error from Bootstrap on WooCommerce pages

1.0.0 – 19/09/2020

ENHANCEMENT: Add Event Organiser Checkbox Option on Settings Page
ENHANCEMENT: Add Event Comments Checkbox Option on Settings Page
ENHANCEMENT: Add Select Pages options for Events and Calendar Pages
ENHANCEMENT: Add Option to select between two different Events Page Template
ENHANCEMENT: Add Blog Grid Styled Template for Events Page Template
ENHANCEMENT: Add Action Hooks

0.4.2 – 01/09/2020

Fix wrong URL bug on admin top menu
Fix text domain error
Add hooks on single event page
Fix Header styling
Hide Events admin bar for non admins
Don’t show Map and Event Details headings if empty

0.4 – 29/08/2020

Fix Event Organiser role capabilities
Add Admin Toolbar

0.3.3 – 28/08/2020

Fix Translation Issues


Update Language files.


Update Readme and banner for initial release.


Initial release.