Custom Stock Widget


The Custom Stock Widget plugin creates customizable stock widgets that can be placed anywhere on a site using shortcodes. You can choose from multiple themes and customize the colors, size, text, and symbols displayed.


  • Choice of stocks
  • Pre-built skins/themes
  • Appearance customizations: width, height, background colors, number of stocks displayed at one time, text color, font size, and font family
  • Display features: vertical lines, horizontal lines, different colors to display changes in price
  • CSS input for entire widget (allows for alignment, borders, margins, padding, etc.)
  • Custom stocks for specific categories
  • Preview of Stock Widget after saving on settings page

Depricated support for pre-defined html colors:
* Color strings such as blue, yellow, limegreen could be used in old version of this plugin. These are no longer supported and may be lost upon saving settings.


  • PHP version >= 5.3.0 (Dependent on 5.3 functionality. Plugin will not work without 5.3 or higher)
  • Jquery version 1.6 or higher (wordpress 4.1 ships with 1.11.1)
  • Ability to execute wordpress shortcodes in the location(s) you want to place stocks. (see installation)

This plugin was developed by Relevad Corporation. Authors: Artem Skorokhodov, Matthew Hively, and Boris Kletser.


  • Example of the stock widget on live site

  • Another example of the stock widget on live site

  • More examples of stock widget themes

  • Here is where you can manage multiple separate widgets

  • This is what the back-end looks like

  • Here's how to place the Custom Stock Widget on the site using a PHP Code Widget

  • Here's how to place the Custom Stock Widget inside a page using shortcode


  1. Upload the ‘custom-stock-widget’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

  2. Activate the Custom Stock Widget plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

  3. Configure appearance and Stocks symbols in “Relevad Plugins”->StockWidget

  4. Place Shortcodes

    • Pages / Posts:
      Add the shortcode [stock-widget] to where you want the widget shown in your post/page.
    • Themes:
      Add the PHP code <?php echo do_shortcode('[stock-widget]'); ?> where you want the widget to show up.
    • Widgets:
      Add [stock-widget] inside a Shortcode Widget or add <?php echo do_shortcode('[stock-widget]'); ?> inside a PHP Code Widget

    There are many plugins that enable shortcode or PHP in widgets.
    Here are two great ones: Shortcode Widget and PHP Code Widget

Часті питання

Can I get data for any company?

The current version of the plugin supports almost all stocks on NASDAQ or NYSE.

How do I add stocks to the stock table?

All stocks can be added in the Stock Widget settings page (Settings -> StockWidget).
Go to Settings -> StockWidget
Type in your stock list separated by commas in the Stocks input box.

How do I place the stock-widget into a sidebar-widget?

You need a plugin that enables shortcode or PHP widgets.

There are plenty of such plugins on the
These worked well for us: Shortcode Widget, PHP Code Widget

Install and activate the such your desired shortcode or PHP widget plugin and add it to the desired sidebar/section (Appearance->Widgets)

If you added a shortcode widget, type in [stock-widget] inside it.

If you added a PHP widget, type in <?php echo do_shortcode('[stock-widget]'); ?> inside it.

That will display the widget in the appropriate space.

Can I place two widgets with different formatting on one page?

Yes, simply create a new shortcode from the shortcodes list table page (click add new), then place it’s shortcode onto the page where ever you want. Each shortcode can be formatted completely independently and even have their own individuallized stock lists.

The widget is too big! Is there some way to shrink it?

Yes. Put in a smaller number in the width/height in Stock Widget Settings (Settings->StockWidget). Both are in pixels.

Something’s not working or I found a bug. What do I do?

First, please make sure that all Relevad Plugins are updated to the latest version.
If updating does not resolve your issue please contact plugins AT relevad DOT com
find this plugin on and contact us through the support tab.


Exactly what i needed

This is what I was looking for. I downloaded so many other ones and this one was the best. I hope they come out with the “DOW”

Dow Jones

Apparently yahoo doesn’t alow for the dow anymore. I see its not the developers fault.

Good Plugin

have tested the plugin its working via short code but not working with widget author need to provides widget and front page Header news!!

Just perfect

This plugin does exactlly what it must, very simple to use great plugin

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“Custom Stock Widget” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Журнал змін


  • Removed custom categories code. Our feedback indicated that this feature was very rarely used, and was redundant after the addition of multiple ticker definitions. If you still desire this feature you must remain with the previous version of the plugin.
  • Removed support to upgrade plugin from versions prior to 2.0 If you are running this plugin version before 2.0 and wish to upgrade and transfer your settings, please upgrade to 2.0 first.
  • UI cleanups and notification improvements


  • Fixed a typo with the activation hook


  • Fixed a typo


  • Added warning message and prevented activation of plugin for versions < php 5.3.0


  • Added a delete confirmation prompt before actually deleting a shortcode


  • Changed precision to 3 decimal places up from 2
  • Bugfix with Upgrade path from earlier versions
  • Bugfix when database tables do not use default auto-increment config
  • Bugfix for wordpress plugin standards and best practices


  • Added functionality to define multiple completely distinct shortcodes. Full style customization and stock lists avaialble.


  • Fixed index issue in database table definition
  • Fixed a few typos


  • Stock widgets are now stored in a separate database table
  • Stability improvements incase of version miss-match


  • Bugfix with UI


  • Revised class names to reduce css conflicts


  • Aded persistent UI state on admin panel


  • Changed several HTML input fields in the admin pannel to different types if the browser supports them


  • minor UI bugfix for 1.3.2


  • Added plugin database revision support


  • Added timeout to retreive stock data
  • Code reorganization


  • Increased stocks in widget up to 100 per widget
  • Added toggleable header fields for widgets
  • Added alternative csv parser for php < 5.3
  • Depricated shortcode parameters
  • Added warnings if text sizes + width would lead to overlap
  • Cleaned up data storage for plugin options
  • Misc minor code cleanups


  • Code clean up and optimization
  • Numerous minor bug fixes


Plugin released.