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Cultivate for WooCommerce


Connect your WooCommerce store to Cultivate to promote your store to our 10,000’s of users.

Promote your store and your US-made products to the users of Cultivate‘s mobile apps, browser extensions and store front.

List your US-made products with Cultivate to promote them to our users. If you don’t sell US-made products, you can still participate in our Pay It Forward program to promote your store with us.

90% or more of Millennial and Gen Z consumers shop with their values. They will support merchants who are Paying It Forward to causes that are valuable to them, including small business support, carbon emissions, disaster relief, local jobs, and other initiatives that Cultivate has carefully selected.

Data shows conversion rates are 25% higher and cart abandonment is significantly lower for merchants who have a positive impact on our communities and environment — Cultivate makes it simple and straightforward.

  • Register to participate in Cultivate’s Pay It Forward program, in which we donate a portion of users’ purchases at no cost to them
  • Promote your store in Google search results to our extension users
  • Submit your US-made products to Cultivate’s curated catalog for promotion to users of our store front, mobile app and browser extensions


Cultivate for WooCommerce requires WooCommerce 3.9.0 or higher.

Please note that default permalinks are not supported. Please enable pretty permalinks before enabling Cultivate for WooCommerce.

On enabling Cultivate for WooCommerce you will be prompted to log in or create an account with Cultivate.

To list your US-made products with Cultivate

Select the Made In USA option on any WooCommerce product page to list the product with us. From there, our team will take over and do our due diligence before approving and showing our users your product.

Once a product has been marked as Made In USA, you can edit the Cultivate info box on the WooCommerce product page to mark the product as either Fully Made In USA or Made in USA with imported materials.

To join the Pay It Forward program

Open the Cultivate tab in the WooCommerce settings and press the Enable button to activate Pay It Forward.


This plugin is free of charge. Cultivate’s standard charge is 10% of all sales through Cultivate, for which we will bill monthly via Stripe.


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