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I've been using this plugin for some time now and am very pleased with it. Yesterday I bumped into a problem where I couldn't create a new entry. I searched for a solution but didn't find one so I contacted support. They responded right away and this morning the calendar is fixed and working properly. GREAT SUPPORT!
I have tested almost every free calendar plugin out there and every one had some kind of negative thing that made it unusable for me. I have been using CP Multiview calendar for years now and I am very very happy with it. It works perfectly and the rare times when I do have a problem, there is a super capable support team that really wants to help you out and not just send you off with some bulls***. Thank you so much for making this plugin, I recommend it to everyone!
We are using CP Multi View Event Calendar for years, and it works as designed. Nice clean looking calendar. Our recent issue was quickly resolved, thank you!
Removed this plugin after installing, setting up and playing with it for almost 2 hours, determined it was not for us. 1)Too much coding needing to do customizing. 2)Cannot select image from WP library, must have link to image already. 3)Overall terrible interface. 4)Location is not interactive. 5)Other features require PRO. Might as well pay the pro for our other calender to get the 2 features included in this plugin and keep a better user interface. Plugins like calendars should to be designed for a novice to input into. If you can input in your google calendar and nothing else, then this plugin is not for you.
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