Cozy Essential Addons


Cozy Essential Addons is the free WordPress plugins, which provide basic skeletal for custom post type. The basic ideas is to provides base functionality of custom post type so that we will extend the features and layout for our products like plugins and themes. The plugin is the basically companion plugin for our products but it isn’t dependent on any theme or plugin so anyone could use this plugin for any products with 100% Free.

Custom Post Types

  1. Portfolios
  2. Testimonials
  3. Teams
  4. Services
  5. FAQs
  6. Promotions

= Display shortcode of post type in site=
To display post data in your site, please checkout [shortcodes][] in plugin details page.



  1. Go to Dashboard ->Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for “Cozy Essential Addons”
    3.Now Install and Activate the Plugin


  1. Go to and Search for “Cozy Essential Addons” and download file.
  2. Extract File and placed it to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

Часті питання

Is Cozy Essential Addons for Free?

Yes, it is 100% FreePlugin

Can I use this plugin with any theme?

Yes, you can use this plugin for any theme to add custom post type.

Where can I find display code sample for custom post type?

If you are developer you can extend the code as your requirement, find the sample code inside the plugins folder > cozy-essential-addons/publics/shortcode.php


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Журнал змін

1.0.1 – Feb 23, 2022

  • Adding shorcodes to the readme file for guideline.

1.0.0 – Feb 18, 2022

  • Initial Realese