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Components for Learning


This plugin is based on the Components for Learning project, a collection semantic visual components aimed to reduce the learners’ cognitive load.

Here’s the project’s website: https://componentsforlearning.org/

Components for Learning is an open project aiming to provide teachers and educators with a set of visual components that fit the complex needs of learning contents.

Components for Learning is a project created and maintained by Roger Segú.

Installation and Use

To install the plugin:
1. Upload components-for-learning.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin right through the WordPress plugins section.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

In order to get the best results when using the blocks:

  1. Browse the components’ guide to check all the available components and its use examples.
  2. Choose the component that better suits the pedagogycal needs for your learning content.


All icons authored by Roger Segú, except for the following, licensed under Creative Commons CCBY: Estimate by xwoodhillx, Pin by Icons fest, Bulb by Adrien Coquet, Date by Karan, Star by Zaff Studio.



Цей плагін надає 15 блоків.

  • Grading Value Displays the relative value of the grade for a particular task.
  • Due Date Displays the date by which some task is expected to be done by the learner.
  • Procedural Context Provides the learner with a detailed description of a procedure due to following in a particular context.
  • Quote Highlights a textual quote by some author or work external to our content.
  • Attention Attracts the learner's attention to some relevant issue or information.
  • Tip Offers advice, suggestion or a clue.
  • Key Concept Highlights a concept or idea.
  • Estimated Time Displays the estimated time for the learner to perform something.
  • Reading Context Provides a visual context suitable for reading, applicable to fragments of text in the main content.
  • Reminder Retrieves a particular concept that may help the learner better understand the current learning subject.
  • Example Displays a significative case that helps the learner comprehend a concept or idea explained in the content.
  • Do/Don't Cards Comparative display where the learner can find the correct and incorrect ways to do something or conceive a particular idea in a joint visual context.
  • Tag Sets a contextual environment regarding the kind of subject, category or similar taxonomies.
  • All-purpose Card Provides a piece of content with its own visual context, to make it specific or different.
  • Expected Feedback Gives the learner feedback or related information on a particular task.


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