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Cocoon Media Management


This plugin connects your WordPress website with the user-friendly media management software of Cocoon. With this plugin, all the visuals you need will be directly available from your Cocoon online media bank in your WordPress platform.

Cocoon is the media bank for marketing and communication professionals, also known as Digital Asset Management (DAM). Cocoon is smart marketing software with which you can easily store, manage, find, and share all sorts of content with everyone, wherever and whenever. Your valuable marketing assets centralized in the cloud for maximum efficiency and perfect grip on your brand identity.

This plugin sends/requests the stored media from the Cocoon web service and gets the corresponding media. No personal data or any other information are sent to the web service. The web service is hosted at https://.use-cocoon.nl/webservice/wsdl.

Experience the benefits

• A simple media library that facilitates you in creating awesome pages and posts.
• 24/7 access to all your visuals in WordPress.
• Save time: managing and finding content has never been so easy.
• Safely managing and using content in your media gallery.
• Convenience and speed: easily store and find all your visuals at one central place.
• Brand management: as administrator you will have full control over which media files will be made available via this plugin.

Do you want to experience Cocoon yourself? Request your free demo here.


  • Cocoon Media Management - WordPress Plugin screen 1
  • Cocoon Media Management - WordPress Plugin screen 2
  • Cocoon Media Management - WordPress Plugin screen 3
  • Cocoon Media Management - WordPress Plugin screen 4


  1. Log in to your WordPress account.
  2. Click on ‘plugins’ in the left column and choose ‘new plugin’.
  3. Search for ‘Cocoon’.
  4. Click on ‘install now’ and then on ‘activate’.
  5. ‘Cocoon Settings’ will then appear in the left column, click on it and contact us for your username and secret key.

You’re done, have fun!

Часті питання

Can I use this plugin without Cocoon?

Unfortunately no. However, you are welcome to experience the benefits of Cocoon yourself. Request your free demo here.

How do I activate the plugin?

The administrator of your Cocoon can activate this plugin with a username and secret key provided by Cocoon. Contact Cocoon for your username and secret key.

Need help installing the plugin?

Do you need help with installing the WordPress-Cocoon plugin? Visit our website for more information or get in touch with us via support@use-cocoon.nl. You can also reach us at +31 (0)23 554 67 55. Team Cocoon is happy to help you.


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  • Fix small bugs


  • Composer support


  • Composer support


  • Search autocomplete tags
  • Back from search result
  • Set items per page
  • Fix small bugs


  • Add search by Tag
  • Upload from “Dashboard->Media->Cocoon Library” submenu


  • Change readme.txt


  • Fix small bugs


  • Remove All sets option
  • Fix small bugs


  • Fix Check Soap Extension
  • Fix Clear options after plugin deactivation


  • Fix get thumbs performance
  • Fix thumbs urls


  • Fix small bugs


  • Fix small bugs


  • Add pagination
  • Add more thumbs
  • Fix search result
  • Fix small bugs


  • Fix thumb url
  • Fix small bugs
  • Cache thumbs
  • Support non media files


  • Fix account check
  • Fix account SOAP endpoints
  • Fix small bugs
  • Change description and author
  • Add icons


  • Initial version.