Change Password Protected Message


The easy way to change the message displayed on Password Protected posts/pages. For more information please see the setup guide on this page.

By default, WordPress will display a message such as “This content is password protected. Please enter a password to view.” when using a Password Protected page. This plugin allows you to override that message for all Password Protected pages, or set a message for a particular page only.


  • Change “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:” to any other text/HTML.
  • Display a general message on all password protected posts/pages.
  • Display a unique message for a specfic post/page.
  • Remove the “Protected” text from the title. So “Protected: Page Title” will show as “Page Title”.
  • Change the “Password:” input label to any custom text.

There may be some themes which are not compatible with this plugin. If you experience any issues changing the message, please post in the support forum.

This plugin is completely free! Help support development by leaving a 5 star rating 🙂


  • Settings page showing a custom message.
  • Updated password message displayed on page.


If you need a password plugin that does what you need then this is the one. I reached out to the developer a few months ago with a dilemma. I wanted to add some text that says for example “This video is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: The password for this video is available Here”.. The plugin is great, as it also allows me to add a link via HTML code. However, at the time it only allowed one message per site. I needed to easily be able to add a new link to each individual page/post/message on a daily basis. This was very important for me. I asked the developer of they could amend this for me and tweak their plugin. The developer did this in quick time. I'm so thankful to the developer because I was using a workaround in theme functions which was creating a lot of mess in terms of space. Again I want to thank the developer for their hard work. This is the best password plugin out there.
Our site relies on password protected pages, and a lot of our clients are not very tech savvy. This allows us to customize the message that users see, right down to the new feature of actually changing the word "password" to something different. This plugin is simple but very handy, and being able to make these simple changes to password protected pages is exactly what we need. The developer is also very responsive and active.
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  • Wrap message in .post-password-form CSS class for styling.


  • Option to edit message using HTML/Visual Editor.
  • Display a unique message for a specfic post/page.