Predict Motor Vechicle Accident case values on your WordPress website using the CaseYak AI case value calculator. Automate your intake and receive leads in real time. Available in Spanish and customizable to your website’s branding. CaseYak subscription required.

This plugin uses the CaseYak AI service (aka a “3rd party service”) to load the questionnaire onto your WordPress intance. When a user submits their information on the CaseYak questionnaire, it then calls our service to receive an estimated case value using the provided data.

These services are called as part of the caseyak plugin:
CaseYak service:
CaseYak API service:
CaseYak Terms of Service:
CaseYak Privacy Policy:


  1. Add the CaseYak plugin via the WordPress plugins directory
  2. Activate your CaseYak subscription in the admin panel
  3. Set your plugin settings as needed, or use the defaults to add CaseYak to your homepage.

Часті питання

Can I customize the look and feel to match my site?

Yes, CaseYak offers a variety of customization options. Email us for help

Where do I receive form submissions?

When someone submits the CaseYak form on your website, you will receive an email at the address you provide for the “notification email”.

Can I add more than one notification email?

Yes, email us at

Do I need to create an account with CaseYak?

Yes, you create an account via the WordPress admin panel on the CaseYak tab at first launch. After signing up for a monthly plan, the CaseYak AI bot will be ready to be enabled in the settings panel. This allows the CaseYak plugin to send information received to our servers to process the estimated case value, then send the data to the notification email you provide.

How can I cancel?

Deleting the CaseYak plugin from the WordPress admin panel will terminate your monthly subscription.


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  • Initial launch of stable version