Bytes Role and Customer Based Pricing for WooCommerce


The “Bytes Role and Customer Based Pricing for WooCommerce” plugin provides advanced pricing options for WooCommerce-based online stores. With this plugin, site owners can set specific pricing rules based on user roles or customer groups. This allows businesses to offer personalized pricing to different types of customers, such as wholesale buyers, VIP members, or regular shoppers. By tailoring prices to specific customer segments, the plugin helps increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance overall profitability for WooCommerce stores.


  • Custom User Roles: Create custom user roles, mimicking standard WordPress roles, to better organize and manage your customer base.
  • Dynamic Pricing Rules: Efficiently create pricing rules customized for user roles or specific user accounts, providing flexibility in pricing strategies.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing: Implement flat pricing structures to establish rates based on user roles or individual user accounts, covering both regular and sale prices for products.
  • Personalized Product Pricing: Develop role-specific or customer-specific pricing rules at the product level, offering tailored pricing options to different customer segments.
  • User Access Management: Control purchases and hide prices from non-logged users, maintaining privacy and exclusivity within your WooCommerce store.
  • Personalized Sales: Set personalised prices for targeted customer groups to enhance product visibility and drive orders.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with various product types, including simple and variable products, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.
  • Percentage Discounts for Personalized Pricing: Utilize percentage discounts to establish prices tailored to user roles and individual accounts, providing an engaging and rewarding shopping experience.
  • Role-Based Order Control: Exercise complete control over orders by setting minimum and maximum product limits per order, customized to specific roles, ensuring order precision aligned with business requirements.
  • Quantity Steps, Tailored to User Roles: Enhance the user experience by setting quantity steps for each product, personalized to individual user roles, ensuring a smooth and seamless shopping journey for customers.


  • Add User’s role with different role capabilities.
  • Add Role wise rules into Simple Product.
  • Add Customer wise rules into Simple Product.
  • Add Role wise rules into Variable Product.
  • Add Customer wise rules into Variable Product.

Часті питання

Do we require any other plugin to use yours?

Yes, this plugin must require a WooCommerce plugin.

Do we need any premium plugin?

There is no need of any premium plugin.

How many product types are supported by this plugin?

It supports all default WooCommerce product types.

Do we need any short-code to use this Plugin?

There is no need of short-code. Direct integration with WooCommerce Products works while installing this plugin.

Does this plugin require any coding efforts?

No coding is required. You only need to install and activate it.

Initial Release

  • We’re excited to announce the initial release of the Role and Customer Based Pricing for WooCommerce plugin!


11.06.2024 1 reply
The perfect plugin for easily setting up B2B, custom roles and pricing for specific customers. BUG: fixed prices show empty price (tested on Elementor Pro) BUG: can’t control pricing settings for a specific user unless they are a user with store manager permission Percentage prices work fine for both roles and users
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