Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-Sells for WooCommerce


Bulk Edit Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce is a fastest and easiest way to set or update upsells and cross-sells for products in your WooCommerce catalog.

  • Allows you to Search for products using different criteria like Product Name, Product Category, Product SKU and Product Tags.
  • You can Bulk Update WooCommerce Upsells and Cross-sells for all products that fulfill your search criteria.
  • Allows you to Copy and Paste upsells and cross-sells across different products in seconds.
  • Works with all types of WooCommerce products – Simple, Variable, Grouped, and Downloadable.

With Related Products Pro for WooCommerce – the PRO version of this plugin, take your sales game to the next level with the following features:

  • Advanced Bulk Management: The PRO version elevates the bulk management experience, allowing you to seamlessly set up not just Upsells and Cross-Sells but also Related Products across your entire product range from a single screen in one action, turning a time-consuming task into a swift, satisfying process.
  • Increased Product Limit: Manage up to 50 products simultaneously, offering a capacity that is ten times greater than the free version. This feature is a game-changer for larger stores seeking efficiency.
  • Customizable AJAX Slider: Our AJAX Slider feature transforms the way products are displayed in the Upsells Section. Say farewell to slow page loads. The PRO version ensures your customers enjoy a fast, fluid browsing experience, showcasing an unlimited number of products without compromising site speed. With initial loads set for immediate viewing and more products just a click away, customer engagement has never been smoother

Your time is valuable

Finally, no more tedious clicking by going through each product to set upsells and cross-sells.

Copy and Paste

Now setting Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce products has become even more easier, you can simply copy and paste upsells and cross-sells across different products in seconds.

Edit Quickly and with Confidence

Search for your products quickly using different search parameters like Name , Category, SKU, and Tags bulk update and save.

Boost Your Sales

Setting Upsells and Cross-sells for WooCommerce products have never been easier.
Use this plugin to set them up quickly, increase product visibility and increase your sales in the process.

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  • Setting the Upsells for the products
  • Preview of Dashboard
  • Setting the Cross-sells for the products
  • Searching for Products using SKU, Name, Categories, Tags


  1. Upload the bulk-edit-upsells-and-cross-sells-for-woocommerce plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the \’Settings\’ link or in the WordPress dashboard click on Products > Upsells and Cross-sells


The plugin is good as we can see all the products and their associated upsell and cross sell products on 1 page. It is easy to simply copy and paste the names in their respective fields. But there is a critical drawback. The plugin seems to struggle when presented with larger set of product categories. The page becomes unresponsive and takes a long time to load the selected categories. The UI also seems sluggish and takes a bit of time to refresh when adjusting the browser’s size. If the plugin gets faster and the UI is improved, it will certainly make this plugin indispensable. Good luck and Thanks!
Very good plugin but these features are missing: List all product which in title contain specfic words. Ability to set upsell / cross sell products back and forth. So if I set product “B” for product “A”, it could set product “A” to “B” too.
Great plugin, please keep it up! We hope to see an update soon, with interface improvement (the screen gets quite wide when adding up-sells and cross-sells and you need to scroll horizontally, also when you slect a category with many products, the page crashes and doesn’t load). Otherwise very useful!
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Журнал змін

2.0.6 30.04.2024

  • Fix: Fixed minor UI glitches.

2.0.5 10.02.2024

  • New: Added product pagignation to improve performace issue incase of having large products in product categories.
  • New: Added small loader gif to show when searched product’s are loading.
  • Update: Tested with WordPress version 6.4.3 & WooCommerce version 8.5.2.

2.0.4 16.09.2023

  • New: Made HPOS Compatible.
  • Update: Tested upto PHP 8.1.23

2.0.3 16.03.2023

  • Fix: Critical error fixed.

2.0.2 05.01.2023

  • Fix: Resolved feedback button not working issue.

2.0.1 18.11.2022

  • Update: Now all product variation names will be shown in Upsells and Cross-sell product search box.

2.0.0 03.10.2022

  • Update: Switched from tokenfield JS Library to select2 library.
  • Update: Copy And Paste functionality.
  • New: Added product thumbnail image.
  • New: Added product URL to Product Thumbnail image and Title.

1.0.1 30.07.2022

  • Update: Changed banner Image.

1.0.0 30.05.2022

  • Initial release.